18 times Ryan Reynolds blessed us on social media in 2017

1. When he shared a robbery hack

2. When he went to Disneyland without his daughter

3. When he joked about every dude’s bathroom fear

4. When he trolled his wife, Blake Lively, on Instagram


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4. When he showed true bravery

5. When he regrammed his mullet

This photo. Business in the front. Defcon 1 in the back.

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6. When he made fun of a common yet morbid Disney theme

7. When someone asked him “what did you say to your barber?”

8. When he conversed with himself

Having the best conversation. #goldenglobes

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9. When he made a terrible parenting joke

10. When VICE asked him “In six words, what’s the drunkest you’ve ever been?”

11. When a guy teased him with sugar for far too long

12. When he went to find a new life

13. When he wished Blake Lively a happy birthday by cropping out her face

Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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14. When he shared his Thanksgiving secret

15. When he revealed a hotel prank

16. When he poked fun at Bob Ross

17. ….then dressed like Bob Ross

18. When he gave dad advice

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