Chris Pratt talked to Margot Robbie about one hilariously explicit line in ‘I, Tonya’

This week, Jimmy Kimmel is taking time off to be with his young son, who is recovering from a second heart surgery. Subsequently, a variety of hilarious celebrity hosts are stepping up to the plate to fill in for Kimmel on his talkshow — and, naturally, things are getting a little rowdy.

Last night Chris Pratt took on the job with surprising ease, interviewing Margot Robbie about her Oscar-buzz-worthy turn as Tonya Harding in the upcoming biopic, I, Tonya.

Pratt had an array of  Australia-related questions for Robbie, which included: concerns about the continent’s famously dangerous wildlife (“When you live there, you don’t worry about it”),  whether or not Robbie had ever been to Outback Steakhouse (“I’ve actually never eaten at an Outback Steakhouse”), and whether it was legal for her to have worked behind a bar at the age of fourteen in Australia (“No, it’s not”).

The two then got into a discussion (over some freshly procured beers) about I, Tonya, which is already garnering a positive critical response, particularly for Robbie’s performance.

The role is a very unusual one, particularly for Margot. In one scene, Robbie (as Harding) actually yells at a critical judge, “Suck my d*ck!”

“That’s one of the rare things that Tonya actually didn’t say,” Robbie laughed, after Pratt showed the clip. “But when she saw the movie — the real Tonya Harding, I mean — she was like, ‘I loved that line, I wish I’d actually said that.'”

Robbie adds that although she did meet Tonya Harding (who was apparently very nice and offered to give her skating tips), Harding was not an on-set consultant for the film. In fact, the movie takes special care to make sure the story is told from multiple perspectives, allowing the audience to determine for themselves what actually happened.

“Our writer did a series of interviews with her, and then he did a series of interviews with Jeff Gillooly,” Robbie tells Pratt, “and both their stories contradicted each other so much that (screenwriter Steven Rogers) thought it was the best way to tell the story, to have all these unreliable narrators.”

Bottom line: I, Tonya looks pretty damn entertaining, and Chris Pratt should probably get his own talkshow.

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