People are sharing their worst slumber party stories, and childhoods are officially canceled

Attending sleepovers was basically the childhood equivalent of going clubbing — everyone always assumed that it was the coolest way to socialize, and if you’d never done it, you were considered to be horribly dull. Many of us probably went slumber parties for kids we didn’t even like in order to gain such desirable social cache.

However, as with most adolescent activities, a slumber party wasn’t always guaranteed to be a good time, and many of them were responsible for some truly mortifying and cringe-worthy childhood moments. Occasionally, there was even outright bullying involved (because young girls can be perverse little power-wielders.)

Recently, The Toast co-founder Nicole Cliffe asked her Twitter followers to shared their “worst” sleepover stories. (After revealing that she herself had difficulty coping with overnighters as a tot.)

Now, granted, “worst” could mean a number of things. It could mean “upsetting,” “bizarre,” “dull,” or even “embarrassing.” So, let me assure you: the stories which people offered up successfully encapsulated all of these possibilities.

Twitter successfully delivered a bevy of memorable and unfortunate slumber party tales — which may very well be enough to have you swearing off any and all sleepovers for your future offspring.


Kids experience such an exhausting barrage of confusing emotional turmoil. We really don’t give them enough credit.

Personally, I’m going to spend some time reflecting on my own adolescent slumber parties, and wondering if there were any truly regrettable moments.

Considering the fact that I was the one who took a plastic, severed prop hand and pretended to find it in my sleeping bag, I have a sneaking suspicion that I was the culprit behind most of my friends’ childhood emotional scars …

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