Pineapple Christmas trees are the latest holiday trend and they’re delightful

Already tired of cleaning up the pine crumbs around your real Christmas tree? Maybe you should opt for something smaller.

Pineapple Christmas trees are a thing and they are just too cute to handle. I’ve never been one to enjoy eating pineapples but I have to admit that they make for a good Christmas tree replacement. They’re not quite green and big like the traditional tree we all put up every year. But decorating a few pineapples is super easy to do, and placing them around your home makes up for having a classic pine in a corner.

Just look at how charming the tiny ornaments are.

And you can dress them up with your favorite shades.

Spongebob is obviously this trend’s number one fan.

And I think I am too because look at how festive this one is.

Merry lil' Christmas✨🍍✨🌲✨🍍✖️📷 @jonmonfishimagery

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Decorate all the pineapples!

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