Chrissy Teigen just threw some shade at tabloids that always use ‘inside sources’

Part of being a celebrity is reading untruths about yourself on a daily basis, many of which are peddled by gossipy tabloids with supposed “anonymous” and “insider” sources.

Most of the time, famous folk simply ignore these stories so as to not give them any credence. However, when it comes to a brazen lady like our beloved Chrissy Teigen, she’s less likely to allow publications to get away with their supposed “intel,” and has no problem calling them out publicly.

Recently, E! News published a story about Chrissy’s pregnancy, and how her disciplined eating habits have apparently fallen to the wayside. Naturally, an anonymous “insider” was there to divulge the supposed details:

“Her cravings are out of control during this time around and she has no discipline,” a source shared with E! News exclusively. “She loves junk food and eats basically anything she wants.”

Our insider added, “Chrissy loves cheeseburgers, French fries, chips and anything fried or spicy.”

First of all, Chrissy liking junk food is not a secret or a scoop. Chrissy frequently confirms this herself, on both her Instagram and Twitter feed. Secondly, what kind of an “insider” talks this kind of sh*t about one of their friends?

Naturally, Chrissy couldn’t let such a story go without any sort of comment — so, she tweeted a snarky suggestion to E! News about how they might improve their journalism.

Wow — I think that tweet managed to be an insult to both E! News and whichever one of Chrissy’s friends is blabbing all over the place. Two birds with one clapback!

Twitter was eagerly lining up to fill any shaky spots in Chrissy’s squad.

That said, there were definitely a few defectors who liked the idea of being a nonsense-spewing “inside source.”

People recommended that Chrissy go full-on Game of Thrones in an effort to smoke out the supposed snake in her friend group.

Unfortunately, it looks like Chrissy probably won’t be trying out that technique anytime soon.

Moral of the story: if you’re ever friends with a celebrity, don’t be that creepy person who accepts bribes from media outlets to dish the dirt on them. Just be a good friend and keep their personal information to yourself.

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