Google’s most searched Christmas movies list was just released and the top 5 is not what I thought it would be

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time to bust out all of your favorite Christmas movies and have a Christmas movie marathon. But is your favorite movie also the favorite of the general public? Probably not.

According to Treetopia’s findings, the top 15 holiday movies are ranked very unexpectedly. The website was curious to look into the most popular movies around the holidays and found the top 15 based on Google searches from the last 5 years. Not one of my favorites made the top 5 (not even Home Alone) and there are a few random ones to make the top 15 that I would have never thought would even make the list.

1. A Christmas Story


The most popular movie of Google’s search interest data is A Christmas Story and it kind of makes sense. It’s a classic tale of a boy who wants a gun for Christmas and it’s all too relatable young boys. Take my nephew for example who jumps when he is given a toy gun. Who doesn’t ask Santa for at least a Nerf gun for Christmas?

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Even the guy who doesn’t like Christmas made the top 5. The Grinch will forever be a popular Christmas time character because he’s different. He’s cruel and grumpy, but we still love to watch him because are hopeful that the spirit of Christmas will lighten his mood.

3. The Polar Express


I was quite shocked to find The Polar Express making it into the top 5. It would be considered new up against the other contenders so that’s a feat in itself. Though the movie gives all the Christmas feels with a train journey and the magical wonders of Christmas, I didn’t find the excitement of it all. I actually fell asleep watching it.

4. Lampoons Christmas Vacation


Looks like the Griswolds can get something right. The hilarious family made the top 5 and though it makes me happy to see the Griswolds get some kind of recognition, I’m surprised to find that many people are Googling National Lampoon around Christmas time.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas


I’m 50/50 on why The Nightmare Before Christmas made the top 5. It’s a classic animation of embracing Christmas and a movie kids are surely to enjoy. But I personally didn’t feel the joy of Christmas at all. It’s more so a darker, kids-approved movie and I enjoy something with a lighter mood. I could possibly give it another shot this season.

6. Elf


I was sad to find that Elf didn’t make it into the top 5. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time because I just can’t get enough of the big elf who wants to spread holiday cheer to all the cranky New York folks. It’s a more modern-take on Christmas and perhaps people are looking for something more old school and traditional to watch.

7. Home Alone


Finally my favorite holiday movie of all time has made it to the list. Though Kevin didn’t make it to the top 5, his antics and mischievous ways will always have me laughing every year. Seventh isn’t a bad spot to be, though I’m surprised to find that none of the other movies from the Home Alone series were Googled enough to make the list.

8. Love Actually


Love Actually is the most popular romantic, holiday movie to make the list and I can see why. You just can’t help but feel all the romantic feels with a movie that has big name celebrities playing characters falling in love with each other. Not to mention it takes place in London where you have to have someone to cuddle up to during the cold winter months.

9. White Christmas


Every year I say I’m going to watch White Christmas and it doesn’t happen. It’s a classic song and dance tale, and I love a good musical. But it’s so old that I forget it even exists. Looks like people crave the old and traditional and look forward to watching something that was before their time. I can’t blame them because celebrating Christmas was better when I was younger. Everything is more modern today and it takes away from a good, traditional Christmas.

10. A Charlie Brown Christmas


Charlie Brown will never go out of style. I’m surprised that A Charlie Brown Christmas hasn’t made it higher on the list! Through every season, Charlie Brown is there to celebrate all that the season brings. Valentines, Thanksgiving… you name it. Charlie Brown is the pal we want to ring in every holiday with.

11. It’s a Wonderful Life


I was surprised to find that It’s a Wonderful Life made the list because I honestly can’t remember a time when I’ve Googled the movie myself. Now that I’ve Googled it, I see how the inspirational plot has a positive message to spread. Even though it’s in white and black, the movie still celebrates Christmas time how it should be.

12. Bad Santa


Robbing a department store during the holidays, I’ve found, is one of the most popular story plots in holiday movies. The holidays are a time of both joy and struggle. All of the kids want the best in toys and unfortunately Santa doesn’t exist to save us money on buying those gifts. Maybe parents have thoughts about robbing to make their children happy and that’s why they find the bad Santa in Bad Santa relatable.

13. Die Hard


Seeing Die Hard make the list had me seriously confused. How did an action movie make it to the list? But then I Googled the movie because I honestly haven’t seen it in a decade, and I completely forgot that the movie takes place at a Christmas party. Though that doesn’t mean it’s much of a holiday movie, some people are probably just craving more adventurous entertainment to watch this season.

14. Planes, Trains & Automobiles


I’m actually ashamed to say that I haven’t seen Planes, Trains & Automobiles because two of my favorite actors are in it. But I’m surprised to find that a story of two men traveling home for Thanksgiving made a Christmas movie list. Maybe there’s a Christmas tie-in that’ll I’ll find when I finally get a chance to watching it this month.

15. Jingle All the Way


Even though Jingle All the Way is the last of the list, I’m glad it made it to the top 15. It’s a classic story of what a parent goes through to make sure their child has the best Christmas ever. It has all the Christmas feels I’d ever want to feel during this season, from a Christmas parade to beating out people for that last toy on the shelf. Getting the best toy is truly what Christmas is all about, right?

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