People are sharing selfies from 2007 to show how much they’ve changed over the decade and the results are a major glow up

As we gear up to enter 2018 with new goals for ourselves, it’s natural to look back on how much we’ve changed just this year. But what about the last 10 years? We’ve definitely grown into our own and people are recognizing it by sharing side-by-side collage memes of themselves from 2007 to now.

For these kids, time was really on their side.

2007 vs 2017….like what? #WhyAmIWearingA100BillTShirt #ProbablyGotItAtHotTopic #2007vs2017 #HighSchool

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#2007vs2017 a donde se fueron mis cachetes?

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But did his game improve?

They say “times change.” For some, probably not.

Is it me or have my eyebrows not changed in 10 years? 🤔#2007vs2017

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It's me 2007 vs. 2017 #2007vs2017 @krasnovanatasha я тоже #дофигамолодая #me #myself & #i

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But for others it sure does when you see the results like these.

i've gained some muscle, but i've lost some shades #2007vs2017

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Jumping on the old Me Then vs Me Now #2007vs2017

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And to these duos, cheers to 10+ years together.

#gotkids #agelikefinewine #2007vs2017

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One of my best friends I haven't seen or gotten to catch up with In 10 years. 💜 #2007vs2017 #oldbuddies #bffl

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