People are sharing their real-life meet cutes, and they’re giving cold, single hearts everywhere hope

If you’re single, there’s a 50/50 chance that you’re also convinced you’ll never find that special person, and that stories about romantic, happenstance meetings are pure fiction. Well, in a rare moment of wholesomeness, Twitter is here to prove you wrong.

People are tweeting about their actual meet cute stories, and their anecdotes may just reinvigorate your optimism. As you read them, one truth becomes glaringly obvious: romantic meetings can happen in the most unexpected places.

It all started when Twitter user @bookavid asked people to share their meet cutes, wondering if it was possible for two people to randomly connect completely independently of a third-party introduction.

Honestly, she makes a fair point: most couples meet through mutual friends. But, what about people who have exhausted their mutual friend dating pool? What about people who are hoping for that one, random moment with a kindred spirit?

Well, Twitter delivered in full, offering up anecdotal evidence to support the theory that, even if love at first sight is a bit far-fetched, there are some connections that can go straight from “random” to “romance.”

So, just remember: if you’re dreading a mundane task or a boring event, you could very well wind up meeting your future spouse there, so don’t sweat it!

After all, nothing makes for a better wedding toast than a totally unexpected meeting — especially if both of you are about to jump out of a moving airplane.

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