Chrissy Teigen’s holiday flight was a dramatic mystery-filled saga, and Twitter is deeply invested

Gather round, children: it’s time for the classic holiday story of the Boarding Pass Bozo. This particular story comes to us courtesy of none other than Chrissy Teigen, our most beloved Twitter icon.

Fair warning: reading the entirety of this story may give you a headache.

The epic tale all began when Chrissy and her husband, John Legend, took a direct flight from LAX to Tokyo as part of their celebration for John’s birthday and New Year’s Eve.

About four hours into the eleven hour flight, Chrissy tweeted that the plane was actually turning around and returning to LAX because an unnamed passenger had apparently boarded the incorrect plane.

Obviously, this information was totally baffling.

Like, not only did someone manage to board the wrong plane, everyone on the flight was subjected to eight hours on a damn plane for nothing!

Apparently, everyone was told they would have to deplane at LAX.

Chrissy wasn’t sure whether to be frustrated or amused by the debacle.

However, Chrissy’s curiosity over the identity of the mystery passenger was driving her crazy.

She (rightfully) couldn’t understand why the entire plane was required to turn around as opposed to continuing to Tokyo.

Supposedly, the passenger was on the incorrect airline, but somehow managed to use their boarding pass to get on the flight.

Chrissy took video once the plane landed in Los Angeles, poking fun at the whole situation.

She and John even posed for selfies with fans.

Despite her lighthearted demeanor, however, Chrissy was still hungry for answers.

Apparently, police officers had gotten involved, and were interviewing passengers about the incident.

Chrissy shared some important video updates with her followers …

… from one of the airport lounges back at LAX (where she occupied herself by watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills).

Apparently, Chrissy and John (and their fellow passengers) were stuck at LAX for hours following the unplanned return flight.

Fortunately, they finally boarded a flight to Tokyo at around 3 AM.

Fortunately, John didn’t seem to mind, and celebrated his birthday in midair.

While Chrissy didn’t solve the airborne mystery, at least she and John made it to Tokyo (finally!), and are sure to have an epic New Year’s.

Chrissy’s followers were extremely entertained by the dramatic plane updates, and offered their own helpful theories as to what was happening.

People were legitimately invested in Chrissy’s Twitter updates.

As for the outlandishly confused passenger, news outlets eventually got to the bottom of the situation. According to CNN, the debacle wasn’t quite as nefarious as it initially sounded:

Two brothers were both going to Tokyo but were booked on separate flights, two law enforcement sources told CNN. One law enforcement source told CNN the two brothers have very similar names. Somehow, both brothers were allowed to board the All Nippon Airways flight, even though only one of the brothers was actually booked on it.

It remains unclear as to whether there’s additional information which would perhaps explain the situation more fully. (Did the brothers accidentally confuse their flight times, or was this intentional?) But, one thing’s for certain: if there are any future updates, Chrissy/CNN will surely keep us in the loop.

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