Keep this blinking eyeball nail art TF away from me

Nail art was the bane of my existence in 2016, eyebrow designs took their place in 2017, and, as for 2018? Well, it looks like Instagram nail trends are going to reclaim their rightful title as the most annoying beauty fad to haunt my timeline.

The harbinger of this trend is some frighteningly realistic, blinking-eye nail art.

Created by Russian nail artist, Nail Sunny, these eyeball nails are inspired by makeup artist and entrepreneur Huda Kattan’s eyes. Which is certainly a flattering, albeit spooky, gesture.

The most off-putting aspect of these nails (apart from the fact that they’re incredibly lifelike and staring right at you) is that they actually blink.

How?? And, more importantly, why??

Apparently, the nail look is created by drilling a hole into a fake nail, then somehow affixing a tiny, fake eyeball into the hole. The result is a lash-fluttering eye that is both uncanny and, frankly, unwelcome in my general vicinity.

So, if you’re thinking of recreating this look yourself, just remember that it’s pretty time-intensive β€” even more so than the typical elaborate manicure.

I think one commenter best summed up by feelings on this project when they said, “You have amazing talent, and probably the patience of a saint, but those nails are kinda creepy.”

I applaud the effort and the time that went into this creation, but it still makes my skin crawl a little bit. I mean, I get freaked out enough when humans stare at me for too long, let alone when I’m ogled by a pair of gawking fingernails.

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