There’s going to be a “Wolf Moon” on New Year’s Day, so here’s what that means for your horoscope

New Year’s Day is generally considered to be far less exciting than New Year’s Eve. It’s basically our unofficial National Napping Day: a day to resuscitate our energy after the draining effects of our New Year’s Eve social engagements. However, this year, the start of the new year will feature a particularly intriguing celestial occurrence.

It’s called a “Wolf Moon” — and it’s almost as badass as its moniker.

The Wolf Moon occurs with the first full moon of January. Symbolically, it’s supposed to indicate that we are in the darkest and coldest throes of winter (which, of course, is only true for some climates). It originally received its name from Native American tribes who noticed that cold, hungry wolves tended to how at the full moon in early January.

However, this moon supposedly also carries a certain amount of astrological weight with it.

According to Bustle:

January’s first full moon will rise in Cancer and oppose Venus, which basically means that any matters relating to love or relationships will be revealed in the spotlight of the full moon.

While this may mean some fuzzy, feel good vibes for some, it might have heavier implications for people who are perhaps questioning their feelings on a relationship, or waffling about commitment. You may come to terms with the fact that there a certain romantic relationship  just doesn’t need to be a part of your life in 2018.

This Wolf Moon will also kickstart a reassessment of your dissatisfaction in social relationships. While this might sound unpleasant, it will be a necessary, albeit uncomfortable process which will ultimately lead to a less toxic social life. If you are embroiled in untrustworthy friendships and have more frenemies than trusted companions, this may be the period in which you extricate yourself from these unhealthy liaisons.

Generally, full moons are also considered to be culminations of long-term efforts. As the AstroTwins 2018 Planetary Planner states:

Full moons are times for completions, creative outpourings, and harvesting. They’re also your cue to cash in on anything you started at the corresponding new moon six months earlier. What have you been building toward? Full moons act as cosmic spotlights, illuminating what’s been hidden. It’s an opportunity to take stock of your efforts.

It’s the prime opportunity to reflect on your goals, and to determine whether or not your current path is supportive of those goals. You may realize that the new year calls for a career change, or a major lifestyle overhaul.

Ultimately, this Wolf Moon is going to bring you a hearty dose of tough love. Allow yourself to give in to the inevitable shakeups and trust your intuition during this time. It may be a bit rocky and unpredictable, but hey — they don’t call them “growing pains” for nothing.

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