Guy with less than a year left to live shared the most heartwarming response about life

All too often we forget that our time here on earth is limited. While life and death are the most common things we have with one another, the latter topic is rarely talked about. There are certain individuals that have a better idea of when their lives will come to an end and the ones that know, usually have an integral perspective on life. Redditors with less than a year left to live were asked what was on their bucket list and the responses, while incredibly sad, will bring you a powerful frame of reference. Here’s one story…

One guy in particular, under the name itsamamaluigi, gave a simply beautiful and honest response.

Dad here. 50. Two kids in middle school. On palaitiave chemo. Metastatic stage 4, incurable. Took my daughter to see the Lion King on broadway. That was wonderful. Trying to get to Japan with my son in sept if I feel well enough. Also planning a road trip cross country. Feel a need to pass on that misery of a trip the same way my parents passed it on to me. ha! But like others that’s about it. Mostly quality time with my friends and family. It’s ok to die.

His candid yet impactful answer caused a group of strangers to offer their kind words:

First of all, let me tell you how much “it’s ok to die” surprised me (in a good way) and I’m definitely taking that to the grave — literally, in the end. I hope you get to see Japan with your son. I wish you all the best (as always, from one stranger to another, but I do). – melancholicandroid

Many opened up their homes:

In all seriousness, if you drive through Utah to see the salt lake or salt flats, message me. Family time is important, but expensive. I’d be happy to host you guys for a night or two to save on hotel costs. Those places add up. – gelerson

If you drive through Arizona, I’m in Tucson and would also be happy to host. I have one cat. – eeleectriiciityy

Some even offered Japan flights:

I’d like to fund your Japan trip if that’s not too much. Send me a message if that’s something you’d be ok with. – Aegisflame

Me too. could we set up a crowd funding page for you, if you don’t have one already or if anyone else has done so? – xXgoatfondueXx

Others sent touching responses:

And I’m crying! You sound like you are an awesome dad, your kids are lucky to have you. Best of luck with your bucket list! ❤️ – TwistyMcButts

Hey man. First off I would like to say how special you are. As someone who grew up in a broken home without parents really there it’s cool to see someone love so much in a time like this. You’re a bad ass dad with a heart of gold and you’ve done a great job of raising your kids. From my one minute of reading your paragraph not only have I learned a few things but also you’ve made me want to be a better version of myself. – Lovedawgs_hatekids

After a load of comments with support and offers from strangers came in, itsamamalui responded:

Edit: Thanks for all the replies, the generous offers to stay along the way, and encouragement that Japan is worthwhile. It was my son’s idea. I was like no it’s MY bucket list — get your own damn one. But I’m excited now, again hoping I’ll still be able to travel by then. I don’t plan to film videos or write lots of letters but I may leave just one of each. I dunno. Good question. Thanks. To /u/hanawa good luck to you too. I have a lot of pain and guilt about leaving my kids. They need me. Fortunate to have a ton of life insurance so they will have a big advantage in life with money but I worry about their happiness and the loss of not being able to help them become who they are capable of becoming. Makes me sad. I suppose if reddit could help, I’d like to see a charity for Dad’s with cancer. They go through a lot. Kids have their parents, women and moms have their kids and husband and friends, but sometimes Dads don’t have a lot of support and depending on circumstance, may have a huge challenge and weight on their shoulders desperate to arrange for their families well-being when he’s gone. I’m so fortunate I don’t need this kind of help. Believing “its OK to die” if their wasn’t modest financial security ahead for my family would be hard to do.

Edit 2: Never had the Internet hug me. Feels good! Thanks for the gold (waited 4 long years then BAM). I promise to read all of your lovely posts, but the kids are home now. Time to make those memories.

Annnd now I’m crying.

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