People are cackling over how this girl’s boyfriend ended an argument

Getting into an argument with your significant other is one of the true tests of a good relationship: either you come out the other side with a strengthened affection and appreciation for the other person, or the whole thing slowly chips away at your perception of them until you’re forced to break up. Conflict styles are very important to relationships — as are resolution styles.

Twitter recently became appreciative of one guy’s remarkable argument-diffusing skills after he got into a fight with his girlfriend and actually used algebra to resolve the conflict.

16-year-old Honolulu native Bree Kunihiro recently got into a text argument with her boyfriend, 17-year-old Carlos Halili. When Bree told Carlos that she wouldn’t be going to the mall with him because they were both “mad,” Carlos decided to turn to his trusty high school education to end the disagreement. 

According to Carlos, the fact that they were both angry canceled each other out.

In case you’re wondering, “PEMDAS” stands for the process used to solve algebraic equations: Parentheses, Exponent, Multiply, Divide, Add, Subtract.

Of course, Twitter was largely supportive of this adorable and dorky method of conflict resolution.

Although quite a few people felt compelled to point out that, um, Carlos’ math knowledge might leave a little to be desired.

But hey, isn’t it the thought that counts?

Apparently, Bree was so entertained by his response that she ultimately forgave Carlos and agreed to go to the mall. (Phew!)

“We did end up going to the mall the next day, and had a great time,” Bree told BuzzFeed. “No matter how mad we are over text, we can’t keep that anger when we see each other in person. It’s always fun when we’re around each other.”

Well, when you’ve got a guy who can resolve an argument in less than two sentences, you’ve definitely got a keeper.

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