6 pilots revealed their least favorite airport, and we’re taking notes

The fact that people can fly on a plane is sort of surreal and comes with plenty of perks. You can join the mile high club, zone out with noise proof earbuds or pass out with plane pillows. Or better yet, you can get your drink on while using the internet in the sky. With 2017 being the safest year for flying yet, no need to worry about you and your precious cargo’s safety.

Although, the process of landing isn’t always smooth sailing. Thanks to turbulence, various aircrafts, and funky runway sizes, passengers aren’t the only ones who feel a little on edge throughout this time. A group of pilots on Reddit shared there least favorite airports and you’ll find out why below.

1. KORF: Norfolk International, Virgina

Is kind of weird to land at. There’s heavy crosswinds there a lot of the time due to it being right on the water and you’ve gotta crab the plane in. Which isn’t so bad, but it’s not super enjoyable, especially for passengers.

EDIT: For everyone asking about what crabbing means. It’s a crosswind landing, meaning you essentially land like this. – daes79 

2. Yeager Airport: Charleston, West Virginia

The end is on a mountain, so you get to do a 180 on the edge…

I can emotionally accept a Crash Landing, I have real trouble with a Crash after Landing. – patb2015

3. Jiggalong Mission Airport: Western Australia

In outback Western Australia. Too many rocks. – daes79 

4. LaGuardia Airport: NYC

Is 100% the worst. There is a reason us pilots refer to it as LaGarbage. That miserable, always delayed, overcrowded shithole fills me with such hatred it’s unbelievable.

Oh, its your go home day? Well guess what, one DROP of rain just fell in NYC so you’re gonna have to eat this 5 hour delay buddy. Have a nice day :’)

Goddamn I hate that place. – Just4Things

5. Toronto Pearson International: Canada

Yes, this airport is massive… but the second it gets windy or they get a mm of snow, the whole place goes to shit. Cancellations and delays everywhere. 2 days ago, 200 flights canceled for a bit of wind. Last week we landed 5 hours late because of some snow. When we landed, I counted at least 20 planes sitting around waiting for gates, apparently, some had been waiting for 2+ hours.

Not to mention the landing fees are insane. – speedah

6. Georgetown Municipal Airport: Texas

Known as E36 on us pilot maps, located in northern California.

This is why I dislike it so much:

it’s on a mountain

one end of the runway ends on a cliff

the other ends 10 ft from some trees

the runway has an incline

the runway is narrow, bumpy, and a bit short

it’s in the middle of nowhere, and almost completely deserted if you fuck up

it’s not the worst airport in the world, but it’s not great either. – Plane_pro

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