Someone asked Ryan Reynolds which Chris is the hottest, and his response was hilariously thirsty

The age old debate about which Hollywood actor named Chris is the hottest has officially been settled, courtesy of Ryan Reynolds.

As you probably know, the “Which Chris is Hotter?” question is typically posed in regards to Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans — and it is a question which has vexed our best and brightest for years.

I mean, trying to choose between this trio is damn near impossible.

Fortunately, Deadpool himself has the perfect response to the difficult query.

It all started when Reynolds posed an equally important question to his Twitter fans about which Kardashians are actually pregnant. (For the record: who knows??)

One of his followers responded by asking Reynolds to weigh in on the Great Chris Debate.

As a fellow professional handsome man, Reynolds is particularly equipped to answer this question — and answer he did, by providing the most philosophical, accurate and straight-up horny response to date.

But wait a minute. We forgot Chris Pine! What about Chris Pine??

Oh, don’t you worry. Reynolds took Chris Pine into account, and seems down to invite him to the orgy as well.

So, let’s all stop arguing about the Great Chris Debate and simply appreciate the fact that these four wonderful Chris specimens exist in the first place. I mean, why should we have to choose? This is 2018.

And, now we know: Ryan Reynolds has love in his heart (and his pants) for all Chrises.

Hopefully his wife, Blake Lively, is chill with that.

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