Twitter just realized something horrifying about people born in the year 2000

As much as I might consider myself to be an ageless, elusive chanteuse (like Mariah), I have come to terms with the fact that there are now full-grown adults that are (*gasp*) younger than me. The passage of time is inevitable, and I have learned to accept it with grace and aplomb.

Well. Most of the time anyway.

Now that it’s 2018, Twitter is in the middle of an existential crisis that actually has me reconsidering my ambivalence about the slow, creeping hand of time.

Basically: people are realizing that babies born in the year 2000 turn 18 years old this year. ADULTS. They become ADULTS this year.

No one is ready to reckon with this uncomfortable reality, particularly considering the fact that the year 2000 happened, like, five minutes ago.

Twitter is collectively reeling.

Of course, there are certainly people who find the whole fascination to be stupid — because this is literally just how time works.

But, seriously: isn’t it kind of freaky that these tiny infant babies are legally voting and smoking and ALMOST DRINKING?

I mean, make fun of the “Feel Old Yet?” clickbait posts all you want, but you can’t deny that it’s sobering to come face-to-face with your own sense of mortality. (Yeah, I went there.) And you can’t deny that it’s bizarre to encounter an adult who wasn’t even living/cognizant of the existence Friends during the ’90s.

What I’m saying is: I’m probably going to be one of those insufferable people who calls everyone younger than them “babies,” and that’s just the way it freaking is.

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