People are confessing the WTF phrase that made them fall out of love with someone and it’ll give you secondhand rage

Some relationships are simply doomed from the start. When you decide to take a shitty person at face value is up for debate, but suffice it to say that most breakups can be traced back to some moment that should have been clue numero uno.

Writer Arabelle Sicardi recently asked her Twitter followers to share the sentences that made them fall out of, and in love, with someone. 

While there were some very sweet submissions for the latter, most were more apt to recall the flagrantly awful things that their former flames had said that got them the ex axe. Hopefully these Twitterers know that they are much better off without these kinds of people in their lives.

1. This baffling response to cancer treatment.

2. This guy who thought he’d have fun with a serious issue.

3. This very awkward family dinner situation.

4. The guy who doesn’t understand that there is no limit to movie theater butter.

5. This foot-in-mouth sufferer.

6. This absolute trash person.

7. This ex who has no idea how to enjoy life.

8. The guy who needs to get a clue.

9. This guy who has a problem with high heels.

10. This person who speaks in terrible metaphors.

11. This person who can take a giant step TF out.

12. This intellectual.

13. This victim blamer.

14. The face slap heard *round the world.

15. This “giver.”

16. This very social aware candidate.

17. The calorie counter, and not even their own.

18. This guy who doesn’t understand the meaning of harassment.

19. This very thoughtful camper.

20. This person who obviously hates everything.

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