This woman absolutely schooled a guy on the train who failed at juggling a soccer ball

You may or may not have heard of 18-year-old Liv Cooke,Β 2017 Women’s Freestyle World Champion. The European native is certainly becoming a household name with her outrageous skills of kicking a soccer ball around. She may be traveling the world and appearing in commercials, but it’s her personal videos of her doing her thing that is garnering the most attention.

On a recent train ride to somewhere, Liv came across a guy playing around with a soccer ball so horribly that, at the chance, she showed him how it’s done.

“I just wanted to sit and enjoy the journey,” she captioned the video. But when this guy wasn’t getting it down and the ball just happened to roll into Liv’s court, she showed him up big time.

Obviously, some are skeptical of this being staged for the video.

Then there are the people who don’t give any f*#ks to what she’s doing.

But the girl has some skills and that’s impressive alone.


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