Twitter joined Chrissy Teigen in roasting ‘hip’ baby names

As you (hopefully) already know, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are expecting their second child together, and their family is only going to get cuter.

However, while the two are already pros at the whole parenting thing (thanks to their daughter Luna), they are also having some difficulty in coming up with the perfect baby name for their new addition. And, since Chrissy is the unofficial Queen of Twitter, she knew there was only one place to turn for help: her followers.

It all started when Chrissy shared some particularly ridiculous “unisex” baby names on her Twitter timeline. Obviously, Chrissy and John are interested in choosing a gender-neutral name for their new baby โ€” however, most of the suggestions were so silly that they left Chrissy shaking her head.

“Jesus Christ,” Chrissy tweeted after reading the suggestions. “My baby will have no name.”

I guess “gender-neutral names” = “just trees”?

Twitter was totally baffled by the list of suggestions.

People wasted no time in mocking the uber-trendy baby names.

People also offered some alternate suggestions on how to incorporate the last name “Legend” to create a punny baby name.

Model Brookyln Decker also weighed in with a not-so-subtle suggestion.

I don’t know what Chrissy and John will end up naming their baby, but one thing seems fairly certain: there will be absolutely zero trees involved.

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