7 reasons winter is way sexier than summer

Some people will forever be summer stans, constantly counting down the days until the warm, sunny weather. (Particularly when we’re experiencing such a frigid winter.)

Personally? I think the summer months are a teensy bit overrated — and not just because I tend to burn like a lobster whenever I’m out in the sun for longer than ten minutes. I simply think that there are certain, romantic benefits to cold weather which simply cannot be obtained during the summer.

I’m here to be real with you, fam: winter is just downright sexier than summer.

It’s true! I know it might be difficult to see where I’m coming from, particularly with a winter hurricane around the corner, but hear me out. Winter may be a frigid wench, but she’s also a season of bountiful sexy opportunities.

Case(s) in point:

1. Artful layering!

The number of people who feel truly, genuinely confident walking around in a bikini is decidedly low. Sure, Instagram is chock full of people who love the way they look and feel in a swimsuit, but … those people are weirdos. Thanks to the unreasonable societal expectations set in place, the more skin we show, the more uncomfortable we’re likely to feel. Not to mention the fact that exposed skin frequently means diligent hair removal, tanning, and the occasional shimmery lotion. It’s just so much maintenance! During the winter, you can simply wrap your body in cozy layers, throw on a cute beanie and look like an adorable little snow muffin. It’s not that you should feel ashamed of or cover up your body — it’s just that feeling comfortable and at ease is generally the key to feeling sexy.

2. Less humidity!

Okay, yes — moist air still exists during the winter. But it’s cool moist air, which is a big improvement on the armpit-like humidity which so frequently envelops certain climates and turns your hair into a frizz ball. During winter, the odds of your hair standing on end as though it’s been electrocuted are far less likely. And, even if it should happen, you’ve got that cute beanie (as mentioned above) to mask any unfortunate hair woes.

3. Less sweating!

Sweating does not make me feel sexy — and I don’t think I’m alone in this opinion. It’s hard to work up the gumption to get frisky if you’re busy battling a serious case of swamp ass. While cold weather might not be terribly comfortable either, at least cool temperatures leave your makeup intact and generally ensure that your armpits aren’t geysers of sweat. (Although, it’s worth noting, excessive layering in cold weather can potentially result in some sweaty moments, so proper precautions should be taken.)

4. More parties!

Yeah, you know that feeling you get in your gut when you meet someone and you instantly click? Well, you can’t get that feeling if you aren’t in social situations where you’re likely to meet new people, silly! With winter holidays comes more excuses for cozy social events, and the increased likelihood that you’ll bump into someone new (or not so new) who could become your winter fling.

5. More snuggling!

It’s cold outside! And, in some cases, it’s cold inside! How do you escape this frigid reality? By snuggling up against another warm-blooded body, of course. (And no, I’m not talking about a puppy, although that is an admittedly adorable option.) This weather naturally lends itself to coziness — which makes it all the easier to get cozy with a certain sexy someone.

6. More … cuffing?

No, not like that kind of cuffing. (Although if it floats your boat, no judgment.) I’m talking about “cuffing season,” which notoriously takes place every winter. Apparently, this is the time of the year when people are more likely to be into secure relationships. And, where there’s a stable relationship, there’s the increased opportunity for frisky business. (If monogamy floats your boat, that is.)

7. More magical weather!

When those tiny little snowflakes start descending from the sky, you just can’t deny that walking in a winter wonderland is pretty much as magical as the iconic Christmas song describes.

That is, of course, unless we’re talking about a blizzard. In which case, stay the hell indoors.

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