9 essential pregnancy hacks that will blow your mind

So you’re pregnant and you’ve heard of the traditional pregnancy hacks to make the nine months go by smoother, but there’s more beyond that. Some of these hacks are so genius that it’ll leave you wondering why no one has told you about them yet.

1. Put a snack by your bedside.

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Want to get rid of morning sickness? Even though it sounds like a terrible idea, all you have to do is eat. “The worst of the nausea usually comes in the morning when the combination of pregnancy hormones and an empty stomach can make getting out of bed feel like stepping off a roller coaster. But some of us struggle with feeling much more ill at night [too],” according to Today’s Parent. Leaving a small snack on your nightstand will remind you to eat each night or in the morning, which will reduce the chances of nausea creeping up.

2. Suck on a lollipop.


If you are one of the unfortunate moms-to-be who gets occasional heartburns, do yourself a favor and grab a bag of lollipops at the grocery store. Sucking on lollipops (or other hard candies such as Jolly Ranchers) will help you get rid of the heartburn.

3. Freeze your bra.

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It’s a known fact that pregnancy boobs sweat, and they sweat a lot. Throw a couple of your bras in the freezer and pull one out each time you’re feeling hot and uncomfortable, because sweaty bras are just gross. It’ll not only help with your body temperature but cure the soreness and aching as well.

4. Use your body to distract yourself from peeing.

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Pregnancy got you running to the bathroom all the time? “Murphy’s Law says most pregnant women have to pee the most when they’re stuck in the car. If you’re ever in traffic with a full bladder, or have a ways to go before the next bathroom… direct attention to your arm by lightly grazing the back of your fingertips across your arm,”  Bailey Gaddis, birth doula, said. This will help stimulate your nerve endings.

5. Peppermint oil will get you to pee.

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If you’re having problems with peeing because of the swelling, put a few drops of peppermint oil in your toilet bowl. “Peppermint oil is so effective because its vapors help to dilate the urethra. This tip is especially helpful during childbirth when the pressure on the bladder and swelling in the vaginal region is greatly intensified,” Bailey added.

6. Soak your feet in tonic water.


Got a case of swollen pregnancy feet? Tonic water should do the trick. By soaking your feet in tonic water for 30 minutes, the quinine will reduce inflammation and the bubbles will help with the soreness.

7. Rubber band your jeans.


If you don’t have the time or money to grab a pair of maternity jeans, a rubber band (or hair tie) is all you need to expand your pants. Tie your band around the button hole and stretch it to the button. That’ll give you more space to make your pants comfier on the belly.

8. Buy a grabber to reach things.

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You’re going to get to the point where being lazy is really the only option you have left. With a grabber or a pair of tongs, you’re able to reach for things when you belly is restricting you from doing it with your arms. Might as well take up this opportunity while you can.

9. Sleep with an inner tube.

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A pregnancy pillow helps when you want to fall asleep cuddling up to something, but an inflatable inner tube works just as well. An inner tube will help you sleep on your belly, letting you relax your shoulders and back. (Make sure there is enough space between your belly and the bed.) You can also use this technique to float in the pool.

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