‘The Hills’ cast: Where are they now?

It’s been eight years since Kristin Cavallari (LC’s replacement) rounded out The HillsΒ run on MTV. Ever wonder if they’re still spending time hitting up LA’s exclusive clubs and trash talking behind each other’s back?

1. Lauren Conrad


7 The Hills cast: Where are they now?

The leading lady was struggling to balance boy troubles, friendship time, education, and a fashion career all at the same time.


This little lamb had his first trip to the pumpkin patch today πŸŽƒ

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Lauren is a happy momma to less than one-year-old son Liam, wifey to law school grad William Tell, and is running a successful clothing brand that sells at Kohls. It’s safe to say she found the balance.

2. Kristin Cavallari



LC’s arch nemesis didn’t join the crew till the very end when she was there to do what she does best… to steal the men from the women.


Wedding weekend πŸ₯‚πŸ’›

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Kristin is a b*#ch no more. She’s settled down with football player Jay Cutler and their three children.

3. Heidi and Spencer Pratt (aka Speidi)



Spencer was probably the worst TV boyfriend in the history of TV boyfriends, but Heidi still chose him over her friendship with Lauren. Back then they spent their time bickering and being on-again, off-again.


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They’re still together, still fighting, and still fame hungry. They were runner-ups on Britain’s Celebrity Big Brother and had a short-lived web series called Speidi Show.

4. Audrina Patridge



Audrina was on-again, off-again with Justin Bobby.


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She’s on-again, off-again with BMX rider Corey Bohan. Audrina was doing well up until last year. She had a baby and tied the knot with Corey, but then filed for a restraining order and divorce in September.

5. Lo Bosworth


10 The Hills cast: Where are they now?

Lo was LC’s BFF who moved to Hollywood to basically be by her side. For real though, what else did Lo do?


She’s still LC’s BFF but now has her own lifestyle blog and is living in NYC.

6. Whitney Port


8 The Hills cast: Where are they now?

Whitney was the girl next door and stayed out of the Hollywood drama, for the most part. Because everything was falling in place for her, Whitney moved on over to a spin-off calledΒ The City, and she was able to launch her own clothing line.


Her clothing line is still going strong and her life is still on the right track. She married TV producer Tim Rosenman and they welcomed a baby last year.

7. Justin Bobby


3 The Hills cast: Where are they now?

The mystery that is Justin was very hard to figure out, not just for Audrina (his on-again, off-again boo) but for us too. He’d often just be riding his bike around and wearing combat boots to the beach. Some might even call him the f*#kboi of that generation.


Justin is still an enigma. No one really knows his whereabouts or what he looks like today. He was Twitter active for awhile but has since had his account suspended.

8. Brody Jenner


5 The Hills cast: Where are they now?

The notorious playboy was stealing hearts all over the place, including LC’s. Back then he was hopping from pretty chicks and hanging with all of his bros 24/7.


Brody’s engaged! Shocker, right? He’s been in a steady relationship since 2014 and honestly he deserves an award for this.

9. Stephanie Pratt


6 The Hills cast: Where are they now?

Stephanie was truly the all-American girl trying to get everyone in Hollywood to like her.


She’s basically transformed herself into a British socialite (sometimes even with the accent) and is living the life of a reality star across the pond.

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