These new dog leotards are sheer genius and you’re gonna want one STAT

Got a hairy beast that is a canine? This one’s for you.

Tyson Walters was just like you and I (if you’re the proud owner of a pup). He was having troubles with his dog shedding all over the place.


Tyson loves dogs so much that he invested in a Saint Bernard to keep him company. But when you buy a dog, you get more than just happiness. You get to live in a home full of dog hair. Tyson often found his dog Harley shedding all over the place. “There were tumbleweeds of hair in my car and all over my apartment,” he said. “I tried every product on the market and nothing worked.”

So then he created the Shed Defender, a dog leotard to contain all the hair.

“My goal was to develop a onesie that went on the dog so that I could contain Harley’s hair effectively and safely. My mom sewed the first model and from there I spent years perfecting the Shed Defender, testing out different fabrics and designs. Harley wore the Shed Defender around town and family, friends and fellow dog lovers kept asking where they could get one of their own,” Tyson recalled. So then he made Shed Defender a thing for the market and now dog owners everywhere are praising it.

The suit ($40) is a great temporary fix when you need your dog to not shed for a couple of hours. For example, if you have guests coming over or need to transport your dog somewhere. It’s not meant to be worn for too long.

The suit also has other benefits, such as helping a dog cope with anxiety.

According to the website, the Shed Defender “has a calming effect once put on. It also has been used to stop the constant, antagonizing barking of small dogs.” Well, I’m sold. My dog is constantly barking so this is literally the answer to my prayers.

Owners of the Shed Defender are already posting pics of their cute pups in the suit.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and place an order. It comes in so many colors and has a 30 day guarantee!

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