This girl went to unbelievable lengths to find the perfect Tinder date for her sister, because that’s sisterly love

It’s no secret that homemade gifts are often the most heartwarming (unless they’re the crappy, popsicle-stick-craft kind). After all, when you’re short on funds, the best way to show someone you care is to prove that you’re at least thoughtful enough to make them something that they’d enjoy.

Megan Steffen recently went the extra mile in creating her sister Emily’s homemade Christmas present: specifically, she set out to find Emily the perfect Tinder boyfriend, minus the actual hassle of navigating Tinder herself.

Megan posted screenshots of her impressive endeavor, which included making a Tinder profile for her sister, interviewing prospective candidates, and creating a final PowerPoint presentation.

The Tinder bio that Megan created for Emily reads:

This Tinder is actually run by Emily’s sister Megan. I’m a cheap skate, so for Christmas I’m getting my sister a tinder date. I’m looking for a brother-in-law, ya’ll, so NO HOOKUPS!! Em is a great gal with an alright personality, loves photography, and is a killer barista. Her best quality is being my sister. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!

(I’m crying over the “alright personality” bit.)

After posting Emily’s profile, Megan sifted through candidates and interviewed them via DM — a project which eventually culminated in her compiling the top choices and presenting them to her sister via PowerPoint.

this girl went to unbelievable lengths to find the perfect tinder date for her sister because thats sisterly love 1 This girl went to unbelievable lengths to find the perfect Tinder date for her sister, because thats sisterly love

I seriously aspire to this level of gift-giving dedication.

Naturally, Twitter was impressed by Megan’s resourceful and creative gift-giving.

Some people thought she could actually go into business with this scheme.

As for Emily’s reaction? While “embarrassment” might be the most understandable emotion Emily was apparently totally enthusiastic about her sister’s unusual and generous gift. “Emily loved it! I’m a pretty crazy sister, so she wasn’t exactly surprised I did something this weird,” Megan wrote on Twitter.

And if you were curious, Emily ultimately chose to go out with Jack, the Harry Potter fan. (Duh.)

I don’t know who’s responsible for handing out Sibling Awards, but I think we can all agree that Meg should seriously be considered for one.

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