16 people over 35 shared positive lifestyle choices that’ll impact your quality of life

Looking to make your life immeasurably better? Learning how to asses your situation to improve your happiness is what life is all about. These Redditors over 35 dropped some wisdom that will make you feel confident and challenge you to think bigger.

1. Call it quits

Quit your job. Frequently. If you’re between 18-26 and not in school, quit any job as soon as you reach the two year mark, then move to a different city/county/country/area and experience life there. It’s preferable to move to a place that speaks a different language or has a markedly different culture than yours. The world is a huge place, go see some of it.

I’ve learned so much about people and gained vast amounts of working and life experience that I would not have if I’d stayed home, or plodded along the normal routes.

2. Embrace different

If you can, leave your hometown, even for a little while. Meet new people, be forced to try and learn new things just get out of your comfort zone and bubble. I know too many people from my childhood town that have never, ever left, and it shows. – elleeebee

3. Push yourself

Never stop learning or pushing yourself physically. I started grad school when I was 35 and started mountaineering in my early forties. I learned so much from both, even though it was hard to be the old fart of the group.

It gets easier and easier to settle into a rhythm of life as you get older, and I’ve found my most valuable experiences have been when I’ve disrupted that rhythm. – Dirtyducks4life

4. Save up

Spend less than you earn. No matter how much or little that is.

Doing that means really and honestly internalizing the difference between “need” and “want”, but living beyond your means is always going to be a prime source of stress. – IAmDotorg

5. Embrace education

Went back to studying. Updated my qualifications. Got a better job and have much better prospects. – bobbyditoro

6. Avoid interfering with restful sleep

Stopped all caffeine intake by mid-afternoon. Suddenly I wasn’t having trouble falling asleep. – Mrsmmi2

7. Drop toxic connections

Get rid of unhealthy relationships. – Tahoeclown

8. Feel better

Started being much more serious about my health. I exercise five days a week, 3 days are strength training and flexibility, 2 days cardio. I’d like to up the cardio this year. I am currently, at 36, in the best shape of my life. I feel better than I have since I was a teenager. – buthowtoprint

9. Live within your means

Those friends of yours who are living in huge houses and driving the newest cars, etc….are more than likely in debt, living paycheck to paycheck and are internally stressed over money. – CrapThunder

10. Restore your self-esteem

Started around 36: Less meat, more vegetables. Regular, healthy sleep hours. Exercise. Meditation. In no order of priority.

Fixed my bouts of insomnia, restored my self-esteem, brought a lot of colors back into my life.

It’s a great thing to have multiple angles of attack to the same problem instead of a single silver bullet. One will inevitably falter at some point, but you can stay your course with the other ones while waiting to get back to your new normal. – GreySummer

11. Dodge setting yourself on fire to keep someone else warm

Not 35 yet, but one of the biggest changes I made was starting to prioritize figuring out how to make me happy, not everyone else.

Not that I completely disregard other’s feelings at all, just I think lots of people get too hung up on pleasing others and think that will please them also. But it often doesn’t. I read a great quote along these lines the other day: “No-one is qualified to tell you how to experience the world”. Can’t remember the source, unfortunately. – fran_the_man

12. Stay humble

Stop thinking you are special. You are unique. You are the only one like you and the main character of your story, but not the world’s. The moment you can put your ego in check and engage in the world without yourself being front and center is humbling. – lisapisa3

13. Take care of your health

Junk food is literally trash. You can handle it at 20 but it hits you harder as you get older. Get off the crap or go for quality take away. Yeh it costs more but you’ll be grateful down the track. – kjoro

14. Read a book

The biggest change I made was reading The Richest Man in Babylon and getting my finances straight. I’m still not out of debt, but I’m in MUCH better shape than I was. – edgarpickle

15. Change your perception

Understanding that 98% of what happens to you can neither be controlled nor influenced by YOU.

Of the remaining 2%, 98% of THAT can merely be influenced by you.

Your ability to truly control what happens to you is astonishing small. So start with controlling your reaction (and expectations) to these things.

This does not mean you are powerless or weak. Just the opposite. For once you understand that you TOTALLY control the greatest asset in your life – your perception. Then you will have a very powerful life management tool. – Pardon_my_baconess

16. Start to see clearly

Therapy. A thousand times therapy. You will be happy if not happier. You will be healthy. You will be calm. You will stop stressing. You will stop being angry all the time. You will love more. You will enjoy more. You will see more colors. You will see clearer. You will leave toxicity behind. – circadiankruger

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