Two sisters somehow managed to get stuck inside a claw machine (video)

Kid logic is the best. I have to imagine that the oldest sister easily convinced the younger one to crawl inside this toy machine. She’s a toddler and already grabbing life by the balls, we’re impressed. (Editor’s note: No children were harmed in the making of this video)


You have to hear this baby’s laugh (video)

I can’t decide if this is adorable or frightening.


3-year-old white belt is the cutest thing that has ever happened to karate (video)

Tiny warrior Sophie is the youngest member of a Taekwondo club in Leeds, UK. Prepare to be impressed (and also to melt) watching her recite the student creed.


Dad turns baby daughter’s dance moves into ‘Lord of the Dance’ routine (video)

Dad Sébastien Hamel edited together clips of his daughter Kali’s adorable dance moves to make her look like the star of one of Michael Flatley’s famous Lord of the Dance Irish dance routines.


This little girl and her piglet are best friends (video)

Pearl, the piglet, was an early present for Libby’s second birthday. It was love at first sight. Even though this video is short, it will grab you right in the feels. It will also make you want a tiny pet pig.