Kim K Promised Us Nude Selfies Until She Croaks, Thank God

The 20th annual Webby Awards were held last night, honoring Internet excellence in all shapes and sizes. Unsurprisingly, Kim Kardashian took home a Break The Internet Award, which doesn’t seem fair considering that title is basically synonymous with her name, but whatever, who cares, she deserves something for managing to get CNN to write a “story” surrounding her nude selfie.

Appropriately enough, Webby acceptance speeches are limited to just five words. And, tbh, Kim chose the ideal five:

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“Nude selfies till I die,” she crooned, in her classic valley-girl Kardashian voice.

“THANK GOD,” everyone except Chloe Grace Moretz probably exclaimed with joy.

ICYMI, this is the “controversial” nudie our favorite reality star posted a couple of months ago, much to Piers Morgan’s outrage.

When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL

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Also, ICYM the follow-up nudie, featuring Emily Ratajkowski (doubt you did, but can’t hurt to have another gander, eh?) here it is in all of it’s well-lit glory:

💘 Till nudes do us part, Kimmy. 💘

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