15 Pictures That Are Like Sex To Anyone Who Wears Makeup

You know those pictures that just make your OCD self beyond excited? Like, the perfectly symmetrical shapes and colors or unbelievably straight lines. We all have those ultimately satisfying photos that just make our stress disappear. For anyone who enjoys cosmetics, flawless makeup pics are your forte.

Whether it’s a brand new lipstick or a rainbow toned pallet perfect for any occasion, you just can’t get enough. Don’t worry though, you’re not alone in your visual addiction. We guarantee most people won’t be able to look away from this gallery.

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1. This ridiculously perfect eyeliner wing.

2. A celestial eyeliner pallet.

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3. These brand new lip sticks from Urban Decay.

Sunday funday lineup. 💄#LipstickIsMyVice #UrbanDecay 📷: @flipandstyle

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4. A perfect array of untouched brushes.

zoeva rose gold makeup brushes 1

5. Smokey eyes that only exist in our dreams.


6. This complimentary Rose Gold collection.

7. “On-fleek” was invented for this brow right here.


8. Getting a colorful new pallet is like Christmas.

Kicking our look up a notch for Saturday night. 🔥 #NakedSmoky #UrbanDecay

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9. This brand spankin’ new compact is beyond glorious.


10. Lipsticks that perfectly match their casings.

11. Our favorite kind of nudes.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 4.18.17 PM

12. This impeccable organization.


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13. #ContourGoals


JK this is more like it…

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14. Cotton candy lipstick that will make you a weird kind of hungry.


15. On point…

Drugstore vs midrange vs high end eyeliner pens, is there really a difference? #bbloggers

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