Here’s What’s Coming To Netflix In July That Doesn’t Suck

Next month Netflix is finally upping their game with a few surprising gems up their sleeves. Instead of the long list of random ass tv shows and one-off documentaries, the streaming service is adding multiple Hollywood classics and a fairly new Academy Award-winner to their library.

Since July will be hot as balls anyway, you might as well find some AC, sit back, relax and binge on the following movies in addition to your normal multitude of shows. Not to mention, the mindless drunk comedies that follow. This will be the ultimate summer of Netflix and Chill.

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Back to the Future Trilogy  


Nerds, rejoice! Not just one, but all three BTF films will make their debut on Netflix next month.


gladiator Heres Whats Coming To Netflix In July That Doesnt Suck

“What we do in life… echoes in eternity.” Even if war movies aren’t your cup of tea, Gladiator will always be a classic, right up there with Braveheart.

Mean Girls


Thank the lord almighty! Finally, we are graced with one of the most-quoted, most hilarious, and most fetch films of our generation.

The Longest Yard 


The Adam Sandler and Chris Rock version, of course. I’m not even a football kind of gal, but this movie will always be good.

Turner and Hooch


The world’s most slobbery and lovable dog paired up with Tom Hanks is a heartwarming classic and personal favorite.

The Big Short

the big names in the big short reveal a rebellious cast on and off the screen 747010 Heres Whats Coming To Netflix In July That Doesnt Suck

If you didn’t catch this one in theaters, now is your chance! The Academy Award-Winning film features 4 masterminds that predict the credit and housing bubble collapse of the mid-2000s, and decide to take on the big banks. Not to mention, Gosling is a total hunk as usual.


Beavis and Butt-head Do America


Because at your intoxicated state, you currently have a child’s brain.

Beverly Hills Cop


Classic Eddie Murphy and alcohol just seem to go together.

Hey Arnold! The Movie

hey arnold tv movie Heres Whats Coming To Netflix In July That Doesnt Suck

For all you 90s kids out there, the most lovable football head starring in his very own film.

Jackass: Number Two


Johnny Knoxville is everyone’s crazy drunk alter-ego.

For the full list of movies, most of which suck, check here.

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