Staples Threw Some Shade At Kris Jenner’s Pricey Paper Clip Necklace

Good news, everyone. You can stop panicking. The answer to your prayers is here: Kris Jenner has something new to sell to you.

Praise be! It has been far too long since a member of the Kardashian clan released a new lip kit/book/TV show/album/emoji pack. If the desire for Kardashian Kommerce was not sated immediately, people would have rioted in the streets.

Earlier this week, Jenner sent out a tweet to promote her new “Elegance” necklace, which is now available for purchase on How much does it cost to obtain such a prime trinket? It costs $175, thanks for asking.

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We are all very happy that Kris has found something new to sell, thereby fulfilling her worldly purpose. However, most astute observers couldn’t help but notice that the necklace bears a remarkable resemblance to a strand of paper clips.

Like … a striking resemblance.

76123644 Staples Threw Some Shade At Kris Jenners Pricey Paper Clip Necklace
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In a shrewd and calculated promotional move, Staples Canada decided to capitalize on this office supply-inspired fashion by throwing a little shade at Jenner’s necklace — while simultaneously promoting their bounty of paper clips.

Dead. We are all dead. If Twitter is a little quiet today, it’s because everyone has been totally slayed by this tweet.

Although it doesn’t look like anyone wants to be silent about their feelings on such an epic burn. The Twitterverse responded with unbridled enthusiasm:

The most shocking aspect of this whole thing is that the biting quip came from a Staples in Canada, of all places. Clearly, that stereotype about Canadians being mild-mannered and apologetic does not hold true when it comes to their social media accounts.

The bright side to such a savage Twitter smackdown is that we now have the perfect frugal alternative to Kris’ pricey accessory: just take some clips and string those babies together, ladies.

dv1199075 Staples Threw Some Shade At Kris Jenners Pricey Paper Clip Necklace
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Now you are prepared for both eclectic fashion statements and attaching documents to other documents. You’re welcome.

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