17 Times Having Big Boobs Is The Worst Part Of Summer

Have your boobs actually broken shirts…literally sent buttons flying or ripped through dainty little ties with little effort? Do you sometimes rest your boobs on your desk at work, and is visible underboob a literal problem in your life?

If so, you know that a while a large rack may seem like all fun and games, it can be a struggle. Throw in some hot temperatures and skimpier clothes, and it’s even worse.

For anyone with a size D or above, summer is a time that tests our very mettle. Despite all the adorable bathing suits and half-naked beach fun at our disposal, finding clothes and activities that work for us is a challenge. Along the way, there are a lot of unpleasant issues that our small-breasted friends just have no idea about.

Bottom line, summer is a boob-unfriendly season, and here are the moments that prove it…

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1. When you start sweating from your cleavage like it was a third armpit.


2. When you just want to get some sun on your back, but can’t because your boobs get caught in the pool chair…


3. And of course lying on your back just makes your boobs look like pancakes

4. Finding bathing suit tops that fit is basically impossible.


5. And when you do find one, it has built in cups that you will never squeeze into. Or padding you don’t need.

6. Sometimes it fits but you notice there’s just a touch of areola showing out the side.


7. If you don’t literally place your breasts into your top correctly, your nipples will face totally opposite directions.


8. And after long enough time, you wind up with permanent scars from the halter tops trying to hold up your massive boobs.

9. And terrible posture.

10. But if you try to sit up straight, people say things like “someone’s trying to look sexy.”


11. And then you feel like you have to apologize.

12. When you realize any kind of wave/water slide/water ride is basically a free peek show for all the 11-year-olds watching you.


13. And for the grown men watching you…


14. And for the grown women watching you, judging you.


15. When spaghetti strap top dresses expose too much so you have to layer a tank under it like some kind of Amish wife.


16. And when you try to rock a crop top and forget that reaching exposes the ample underboob.


17. Then your ice cream melts into your cleavage.


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