This Infographic Tells You Everything You Need To Know About The Kimye-Taylor Feud

The Great Kimye/Taylor Swift drama of 2016 spiraled from a series of Snapchats to a Klass 5 Klusterfuck in two shakes of a Kardashian butt. Aside from potentially damaging Taylor’s sweetheart-next-door persona, Lemonade 2 featured the Twitter responses of a million (like, fifteen) celebrities, eager to give their two cents as they very much sided with either the famous couple or the famous pop star.

From the enormous Kimye/Taylor beef spawned a bunch of other side beefs, including one between Khloe Kardashian, Chloe Grace Moretz , Ruby Rose, and a picture of a random girls’ butthole. Chris Brown somehow got in on the drama. So did Snooki, who may or may not be struggling to retain an inkling of relevance. Just as we thought the hot take had simmered down, Taylor Swift’s best friend Abigail tore through the Twittersphere, dragging Kimye and 3-year-old North into her religiously charged verbal assault.

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Anyway. The point here is, a lot of famous people got involved and it got messy. Although we are still anxiously anticipating responses from a few others, (Tom WYA?) here are all the allegiances as they currently stand:

keeping up w the klusterfuck chart 1024 This Infographic Tells You Everything You Need To Know About The Kimye Taylor Feud

So there you have it. Have we heard the end of all this Kimye/Taylor beef? I hope not. It’s certainly more interesting than watching Melania Trump rehash Michelle Obama’s eight-year-old speeches.

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