The 13 Stages Of Being On Your Period, As Told Through Movie Titles

That “time of the month” AKA the seventh circle of hell never seems to get any easier. The emotional rollercoasters coupled with relentless discomfort and frustration is enough to make anyone go insane. If only guys could get this through their heads, because that would be just great. Well, they say laughter is the best medicine so here are a few popular movies that unknowingly describe our PMS struggle and they’ll give you something to smile about.

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1. Beauty and the Beast

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If there were ever a Disney film that accurately described the cruel realities of PMS, Beauty and the Beast would be it. Though we may look put together on the outside, there’s a beast lurking right under the surface tormented by stabbing cramps and wild mood swings.

2.  Red Dawn

original The 13 Stages Of Being On Your Period, As Told Through Movie Titles

The first day of your period. Your ovaries feel like they’re going to explode and there’s not enough Midol in the world to ease the pain.

3. There Will Be Blood


Then comes the inevitable flood, non-stop bleeding for a whole fucking week. All day, every day. It feels like it will never end.


4. Apocalypse Now


Even though, you go through this cycle every month, it never gets any easier. The world must be ending, this can’t be real.

5. Les Misérables


It feels like your entire life is being destroyed by this week of hell. You had so many dreams, so many things you wanted to accomplish…

6. Blood and Chocolate

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But then you remember this glorious form of sweet sustenance called chocolate and you need it right the fuck now. God help anyone who stands in your way.

7. The Purge


You make it to the peak day, the heaviest flow of all flows. It’s as if your body is forcing all of your life out leaving you curled up in fetal position.

8. This Is The End

emma watson.gif

Then comes the false sense of conclusion. This must be the end of it right? The crimson tide is ebbing…we must be close. Except the cramps are just as strong and you want to murder anyone who asks you if you’re “on the rag or something.”

9. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days


Anger and frustration is quickly followed by depression and irrational sadness. No man stands a chance around you. A word to the wise guys, just shut the hell up. We aren’t Kate Hudson purposely trying to get rid of you, there is a demon inside us and we can’t help what it makes us do.

10. Cry Baby


Then everything just feels like the saddest moment of your life. The water works will be uncontrollable and easily triggered. God forbid a Sarah McLachlan animal commercial come on.

11. Trainwreck


It won’t be long before the self-loathing begins. You hate what this monster has made you become. What’s happening? Why would anyone want to be around me.

12. Begin Again


Then, finally you begin to feel normal again. The insanity-inducing nightmare has come to an end and you can put your life back together.

13. 28 Days Later

giphy 91 The 13 Stages Of Being On Your Period, As Told Through Movie Titles

That is until a month from now, when it starts all over…

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