This Olympic Swimmer’s Reaction To Finding Out She Didn’t Lose Is Adorable

Do you ever think about what it would be like to be an olympic athlete? It’s almost like imagining you’re a superhero—the inhuman strength and agility combined with insanely unbridled dedication. Like, how do they do it? Not to mention, if you spend the majority of your life training and competing for this one monumental event and you take home a medal. Most of the athletes keep it so chill when they win, at least for television. Maybe they start doing an awkward dance when the cameras aren’t on them or something, but who knows. One Olympic swimmer from China had the most adorably real reaction to her win and it’s all of us.

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Following the 100m backstroke, Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui spoke to a reporter about her race.


At the time, Yuanhui had no idea that she’d swam fast enough for a bronze medal. She began “Even though I didn’t win a medal…” only to discover on live television that she had, in fact, won.

Her beyond perfect reaction to the news quickly went viral and the internet has fallen in love.

Just undeniably adorable AF.

Easily the cutest gif to break the internet.


MFW I hear that wine cork pop.

Check out the full interview here:

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