Katy Perry’s New Album Shades Taylor Swift So Hard It’s Almost Too Much

There were so many unrelated celebrities who got themselves involved in the Kimye/Taylor Swift drama, we kind of forgot the OG rivalry America’s sweetheart had with great-ass-owner Katy Perry. I mean, Calvin Harris reminded us for a quick second, but that memento was quickly overshadowed by Selena Gomez and Khloe Kardashian and especially Justin Bieber.

But Katy Perry didn’t forget. Katy Perry remembers. She remembers that “Bad Blood” referred to a conflict with Swift’s pop star nemesis, (Perry herself) or in her own words, “straight-up enemy.” She hasn’t forgotten Taylor’s 2014 interview with Rolling Stone, where she accused Perry of attempting to sabotaging her entire tour.

Now, according to Star, Perry has taken a break from paddle-boarding with giant-dong-possessor/supportive boyfriend Orlando Bloom to write several songs for her upcoming album.  “Katy is more than happy to capitalize on Taylor’s damaged image,” the publication writes. The song titles?

Star can reveal that Katy has registered the song titles “Crocodile Tears” and “She’s So Creepy,” as well as “Last Cry” and “Victory.”

“SHE’S SO CREEPY.” THE SHADE, YOU GUYS, THE SHAAAAAADE. It’s too much to bear, almost. How the mighty have fallen. Now all that’s left to do is wait for each of them to drop albums full of allusive disses and grab a bag of popcorn as we watch the entire celebrity world slowly envelop itself into a black hole of shade and Twitter insults. I just pray Tom Hiddleston gets out while he still can.

h/t Celebitchy
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