The New Trailer For ‘Rogue One’ Is Here And Here’s What We Know

The trailer for this winter’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is finally here, and it looks killer. I’m not just saying that because the protagonist is a badass female (played by Felicity Jones!) although at one point her character (takes-no-shit outlaw Jyn Erso) stares down a TIE FIGHTER, I mean!


The film is set in a time when the Death Star was still in development—think pre-’77 Episode IV A New Hope— and Darth Vader was at the height of his power. Meanwhile, the Rebel Alliance is still in its nascence, a somewhat ragtag assortment of droids, assassins, and warriors. Naturally, we know their plan to destroy the Death Star will ultimately fail—but it’s never about the destination with prequels, is it? Besides, DARTH VADER IS BACK. James Earl Jones, I could just kiss you for staying alive all these years.

On that note, a few takeaways:

1. There’s some serious underdog camaraderie going on:

rogue one trailer 02 0 The New Trailer For Rogue One Is Here  And Heres What We Know

And I LOVE IT. While the previous trailer sees Jyn Erso getting shackled for being bad, we now get a glimpse of the whole squad, inevitably about to beat those utterly unconquerable odds (their mission has “a 97.6 percent chance of failure”, K-2SO helpfully informs.) “Are you with me?” Jyn asks. “All the way,” replies Cassian. *Fist pumps*

2. The squad includes a bling warrior-monk:

Who may or may not (I mean, he’s gotta be, right?) be a Jedi. We see him walk into a clusterfuck of Stormtroopers, calmly say”I fear nothing. All is as the Force wills it,” and proceed to clean house. Very chill.


3. K-2SO is the new C-3PO:


While C-3PO is an overly emotional, lovable neurotic shitshow, K-2SO is the opposite. Having previously served the Empire as a security droid, he was reprogrammed and became the fiercely loyal pal of Rebel captain Cassian Andor. He’s like if C-3PO acted more like a war machine and less like a basket case.

4. And, as aforementioned, Vader is BACK:


We only get a two-second shot of the back of his helmet, overlaid with that familiar heavy breathing we’ve come to know and love. But we’ll take it, I guess.

Watch the trailer in it’s entirety on repeat:

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