9 Reasons Chandler Bing Is Still Our Hero

It’s crazy to think that Friends went off the air twelve years ago. Twelve years! A kid in middle school who’s just discovering the joys of armpit sweat has been alive for that long. (Don’t worry, it gets better, stinky kid!)

But for some of us, it doesn’t feel that long ago that every Thursday night was devoted to “must-see,” new episodes of the show. Everybody still has their favorite character. For me, that was always Chandler. I don’t know if this is because I found something deeply relatable about Matthew Perry’s portrayal, or if it was the brilliant writing of the character he played that I adored. I suspect it was a combination of the two.

The fact remains: Chandler Bing was and is my hero. Sure, he had his lows, but through it all, he persevered, approaching every situation he faced with a particular brand of sarcasm and earnestness that made you feel like he was your friend. Chandler said the things everyone else in the group was afraid to say, and sometimes, he paid a price for that. But for better or worse, he was always himself.

If that’s not enough to sway you, here are 9 more reasons Chandler Bing is our hero.

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1. Because he said what we’re all secretly thinking … about Beyonce. 

giphy (8)

ME EITHER, CHANDLER, but god knows I look. God knows I look.

2. Because he proved that acting like a grown-up is a highly overrated skill. 

giphy (7)

Who has time to act like an adult when there are beds that need jumping upon?

3. Because he wasn’t afraid to admit that being single scared the hell out of him. 

giphy (6)

*cue the manic laughter that devolves into tears*

4. Because he wasn’t gonna pretend like he had this whole adult life thing figured out. 

giphy (5)

I’m 33, and I still have borderline no clue.

5. Because sometimes, he let the little things get to him. And then, he turned into a thoroughly relatable ball of anxiety. 

giphy (4)

Don’t be afraid to let the bad shine just as brightly as the good.

6. Because, he too, made completely regrettable hair choices. 

giphy (3)

Ask me about my pageboy haircut. I dare you.

7. Because when it came to flirting, he made an utter ass out of himself. 

giphy (2)

With a white boy shimmy like that, who could say no?

8. Because he was so stubborn, it would lead to hilarious moments like accidentally “making out” with his bestie. 

giphy (1)

Grin and bear it grin and bear it grin and bear it grin and bear it.

9. Because he knew he wasn’t perfect and wasn’t afraid to say so. 

giphy19 9 Reasons Chandler Bing Is Still Our Hero

Go ahead: Embrace your flaws, and unleash your inner Chandler.

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