11 Jennifer Lawrence Faces That Only Women In Their 20s Will Understand

The best thing about Jennifer Lawrence is, well, every single damn thing she does. And the fact that in addition to being a gorgeous talented movie star, she’s also beyond totally relatable.

Today marks the actress’s 26th birthday. She is probably celebrating with tequila shots and nachos on a boat somewhere. Since our invitation to her festivities got “lost in the mail” (read: we are delusional, but at least we know it), we are celebrating the best way we know how: with GIFs, obvi.

If you are a woman, and you’re in your 20s, you already know that JLaw knows your life sometimes better than you do. But just in case you need more proof, here ya go:

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1. When you look badass AF and you know it. 

giphy (7)

Some days, you roll out of bed and hope it all works. Other days, you wake up and you’ve got this innate swagger. Just let JLaw guide your spirit.

2. TFW you totally drop a clot. 

You left the house fully prepared. You’re wearing a tampon and a pad. But now you’re giving a big speech at work, and suddenly it’s become The Shining in your pants. JLaw knows.

giphy23 11 Jennifer Lawrence Faces That Only Women In Their 20s Will Understand

3. Your reaction when he doesn’t text you back. 

If a dude’s into you, and he’s ready for something serious, he ain’t gonna be playing no texting games. Give him one hour. If it takes him longer than that to reply, he gets the JLaw “whatever” every single time.

giphy (2)

4. When you remember that time you peed your pants in kindergarten.

giphy (3)

You’re just out with friends having coffee, and all of the sudden, out of nowhere, the shame washes over you. Much like the urine did back in the day.

5. How you look when you’re really honest about your priorities. 

giphy (4)

JLaw so often says what we cannot: Food matters to her. She loves food. It is the best. Chicken thighs before guys, y’all.

6. The face you make while asking the question everyone’s thinking.

giphy (5)

Your boss has invited all the new hires over to his club for fancy cocktails and mingling. Everyone else is trying to make a good impression, but as we’ve established, you’ve got a one track mind. JLaw knows.

7. TFW someone stupid tries to tell you what to do.

giphy (6)

Is there anything more frustrating than the unsolicited advice given by mostly idiotic strangers? No, no there is not. JLaw knows.

8. When you want to make out with pizza. 

giphy (8)

Dibs on the crust.

9. When your BF says that he loves you first, and you aren’t ready to reciprocate, but you’d also die before hurting his feelings. 

giphy (9)

Right, because that has never once in the history of romantic exchanges backfired ever. Nope.

10. TFW someone eats your make-out pizza. 

giphy (10)

Some pizzas are for eating, others are for loving. JLaw gets this.

11. When small-minded people tell you to settle down, be quiet, and be a “nice” woman. 

giphy22 11 Jennifer Lawrence Faces That Only Women In Their 20s Will Understand

FUCK. YOU. JLaw def knows.

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