Meryl Streep Has Officially Given Amy Schumer Permission To Play Her In A Biopic

Meryl Streep, the on-camera chameleon herself, is the reigning champ of portraying historical figures on the silver screen — from her recent foray as Florence Foster Jenkins, to her unforgettable Julia Child performance, to her Oscar-winning stint as Margaret Thatcher.

And yet, the unspoken question has always hung in the air: who would (or COULD) portray Meryl in a biopic?

While Hollywood has remained mute on the subject, Streep herself has cast a vote for her personal favorite contender: comedian Amy Schumer.

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During a recent interview with The Huffington Post, Streep was asked “Who would be best at playing Meryl Streep in a Meryl Streep biopic?”

Streep promptly and confidently responded with “Amy Schumer, of course.”

Which is a pretty flattering endorsement, coming from one of the most talented actresses in history. I mean, sure, the two have entirely different career trajectories and movie niches — but that doesn’t negate the sheer awesomeness of Meryl’s comment.

Amy’s response to Streep’s comment pretty much summed it up:

I feel like Schumer probably had to go lay down for a bit after tweeting this. You don’t simply receive the approval of Meryl without suddenly being knocked off your feet.

Having the phrase “Amy Schumer as Meryl Streep” on the marquee would undoubtedly carry enough caché to have studio execs salivating at the opportunity to make some sweet, sweet dollars — but I’m not exactly holding my breath for this biopic casting choice to become a reality. (Schumer doesn’t even resemble Streep if you squint.)

Instead, I’d settle for these two simply being in a movie together — or, at the very least, becoming best friends forever and going on coffee dates to discuss shattering the glass ceiling.

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