Student Who Ignored Olympic Swimmer On Tinder Is Having Serious Regrets After He Wins Gold

The summer olympics are in full swing and it seems like every night the internet has something new to say about the athletes. It’s easy to forget that these competitors with superhuman abilities are, in fact, still human. Most of them lead relatively normal lives outside of the olympic games, especially those still in college. Olympic swimmer and student Joseph Schooling is no exception to this. When he’s not competing with the likes of Micheal Phelps, he’s studying and swiping just like every other 21-year-old.

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Olympic swimmer, Joseph Schooling took home the gold medal for Singapore in the 100m butterfly against Micheal Phelps on Friday.

sch2 Student Who Ignored Olympic Swimmer On Tinder Is Having Serious Regrets After He Wins Gold

Millions had their eyes on Schooling after he defeated the seemingly unbeatable Phelps last week. Safe to say, the 21-year-old athlete did not expect to be recognized for a completely different reason.

20-year-old University of Texas student, Sabryna Salazar knew the Olympic hottie looked very familiar, but it wasn’t until she went through her Tinder conversations that she realized why.


It turns out that the all star swimmer is also a student at UT and like many college students, had hopped on the Tinder train. We can’t really blame him, I’m sure an olympic swimmer doesn’t have a whole lot of spare time to meet people. Salazar admitted that, at the time, she had no idea who Schooling was and assumed he was a member of the UT swim team. It wasn’t until his name was announced after winning the gold that she realized where they had met.

Schooling and Salazar matched on the popular dating site back in April and had a brief conversation.


Schooling opened with a somewhat less than impressive “Hey! How’s it going beautiful?”. Like, really? To which Salazar followed with a similar greeting, but did not receive a response from Schooling until the next night. Booty call? Probably, I mean it is Tinder. Either way, Salazar did not respond.

After Salazar figured out she had matched with an olympic gold medalist, she tweeted out her feeling of accomplishment.

She captioned the tweet “My tinder match just won the 100M butterfly final and beat Michael Phelps, this is my greatest accomplishment.” Not to mention the fact, that he’s built like a Greek god and has the world’s most adorable dimples. Olympic swimmer or not, that’s a match to be proud of. You go girl.

The official NBC Olympics account retweeted Salazar and her post quickly went viral.

The original tweet has almost 40,000 RT’s and 80,000 likes. She also tweeted about her regrets in not replying to Schooling. Talk about a missed opportunity.

Needless to say, Salazar will be more careful about who she ignores on Tinder from now on.


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