21 Tumblr Posts That Will Make Every Unemployed College Grad Say ‘Me’

As your senior year in college starts coming to a close, the panic sets in: how are you going to find a job? Should you have been thinking about a bit more these past four years? Who are all these dorks that have a job waiting for them before they even graduate? (They’re not dorks, you’re just jealous and you know it.) I know the feeling, guys. I’ve been there.

Luckily, I was able to find a light at the end of the tunnel, but it was a three-year tunnel full of restaurant jobs, mean customers, retail work, long days, longer nights, and a lot of blisters. Don’t despair just yet, and don’t quit your day job either.

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1. You’ve been dreading the job hunt since before you even graduated:

2. And you still don’t even know what you want to do with your life:

3. You soon realize you can’t find a job that will support your crippling student debt:

4. But you keep trying anyway. You try to fill out your resume so it looks like there’s a bit more than ‘Sandwich Artist’ under the experience part:

5. Looking for a job takes more work than working an actual job:

6. You persistently scour job websites for anything that sounds remotely applicable to your meagre skill set:

7. Only to experience an unparalleled rage when there’s like 10 other people called in for an interview:

8. So once you get in there, you do your best to impress:

9. You try real hard not to lie:

10. But, let’s get real:

11. We all lie:

12. Because if you were honest, you’d actually say something closer to this:

13. And this:

14. Annnnnd this:

15. And all of this:



18. Good thing school taught us all useful skills, like Microsoft Word:

19. And we invested our own time wisely, too:

20. Very. Wisely:

21. But mostly, this absolutely life-ruining Catch-22:

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