10 Straight Guys Confess The One Celebrity They’d Go Gay For

No matter what your sexuality is, there will always be that one person who gives you pause and makes you think “well, maybe.” Since straight male masculinity is fragile as fuck, I’ve always been fascinated by straight men’s ability to admit that they would be willing to bend the rules of their heterosexuality for. This exists in a bubble, though, because beyond celebrities straight men feel so afraid to admit that they find other men beautiful.

The reality is that sexuality is a spectrum and that none of us need to be caged into our self-prescribed sexual orientations. I wanted to test the waters, so I asked 10 of my straight male friends the one celebrity they would “go gay for.” Their responses varied, but one thing became clear: everyone has that one person they’re willing to break the rules for.

1. Benjamin, 22.

“Hmm, you know who is really fine? Frank Ocean. He has a lot of swagger and confidence, I’d get weird with him.”

2. Kyle, 25.

“Brad Pitt! He’s always looked great and is the classic man! Plus, he score Angelina.”

3. Michael, 30.

” I feel like I would sleep with Steve Buschemi just for the story, you know?”

4. Joshua, 28.

“Dave Franco! He is funny like James but he doesn’t look as tired.”

5. George, 34.

“I want to see the Rock naked, just once, just to see what the hype is about.”

6. Remi, 21.

“Probably one of the members of One Direction just so I could prove that at least one of them are gay.”

7. Victor, 25.

“Have you ever seen Idris Ilba? That is a classic man there. He could get it if we were both drunk.”

8. Jake, 32.

“Clint Eastwood. Because he is the epitome of man!”

9. Carl, 19.

“Donald Trump because then I could demand that his homophobic ass pay me in order to keep me quiet.”

10. Jamie, 23.

“Gene Kelley, the original classy as hell man!”

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