9 People Talk About The Craziest Sh*t An Ex Has Ever Done To Them

Breaking up is difficult. So difficult that it has the ability to turn even the most sane person into a ball of crazy so intense that that Tyra Banks meltdown on America’s Next Top Model would look tame. As someone who has gone through many breakups in my day, I get it. You are so hurt in the moment that you’re willing to do and say anything as long as it deeply hurts the person who has hurt you. However, as someone who has recovered from heartbreak I also can tell you that there is nothing left in that feeling but a horrible hollow sensation that leaves you numb to the world.

I wanted to ask 9 people about the most insane things their exes have done to them to put into perspective the fact that by ending a relationship poorly you’re prolonging the pain felt by both parties. If you’re currently going through a break up, I hope you can take solace in the fact that you have never done anything this crazy to anyone.

1. Jessica, 24.

“My ex had all my log-in information to my social media accounts and about a week after I dumped him he started sending me screenshots of every conversation I had with a man ever on Facebook with just one word ‘whore’ repeated after every one.”

2. Christopher, 26

“She keyed my car and slashed my tires then tried to deny it was her even though we lived in a building with parking garage cameras everywhere.”

3. Jackie, 29.

“My ex at the time took my cats in the dead of night and I never saw her again…”

4. Harry, 35.

“She lit our mattress on fire while it was still in our shared bedroom. It took me 5 buckets of water and a lot of explaining to the fire department to put that out.”

5. Gary, 27.

“My boyfriend at the time started sending dick pics to all of our mutual friends asking if they wanted a piece of it now that he was free of his ‘dead weight'”

6. Rachel, 29.

“He would stand outside for hours crying and reciting poetry to me. It took two calls to the police before he finally got the hint it was over.”

7. Vanessa, 29.

“He tried to take me to small claims court because I refused to pay for utilities at an apartment I was no longer living at. When I saw him in court he tried to ask me how I was doing and if I would consider going out to coffee with him.”

8. Farrah, 25.

“He got my face tattooed on his arm. He told me his reason was he never wanted to forget the person he would go to his grave loving more than anyone else in this world. Yikes.”

9. Michael, 26.

“She chopped off all her hair, moved back home, started writing poetry about my dick she would post on the Internet and publicly call me out, and eventually ended up in rehab for an upper addiction. We only dated for two months.”

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