This Amazing 4-Year-Old Is Already Better At Halloween Than Any Of Us

Photographer Gina Lee has a very special annual Halloween tradition with her 4-year-old daughter, Willow: it’s called “Willoween,” and involves Willow dressing up in various costumes which are both adorable and saturated in pop-culture.

Basically: it’s a toddler’s costume parade, except the costumes are actually clever. It’s enough to strike envy into the heart of anyone who considers themselves a sucker for Halloween ensembles.

Willow has donned some fake fowl in order to recreate Tippi Hedren’s character from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

She’s proudly rocked her own jumpsuit as a tiny Ghostbuster …

… and again as one half of Maverick and Goose from Top Gun (her pal Cooper helped out with this one.)

A giant mound of hair curlers in order to recreate the “Beauty School Dropout” scene from Grease? No problem!

She lit her torch on Survivor (again, with the help of Cooper).

She even impersonated the infamous Trump Tower climber, Suction Cup Steve!

She dutifully wore a red swimsuit for a Baywatch-themed photoshoot.

She struck fear (and respect) into the hearts of all her fellow inmates as Red from Orange Is The New Black.

#tbt …… 🐓and of course… one of my faves of 2015..Little Red!!! #oitnb #netflix @netflix

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She’s played Wayne to Cooper’s Garth.

And she’s dressed as the hungry mouse from If You Give A Mouse A Cookie!

And if you think that Willow is only now getting into the dress-up game, think again: she’s been wearing awesome Halloween costumes since she was just a tot!

On her first Halloween, Gina dressed Willow up as a hotdog on a stick!

Another year, Willow was Gilligan to Cooper’s Skipper.

Clearly, this small Master of Disguise is going to give us all a run for our money when it comes to brilliant Halloween costumes. We should probably all just stop trying right now.

You can follow Willow and her mom on Gina Lee’s Instagram account — and you can also follow Cooper and his photographer mom, Becky Hale, on their account!

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