8 Bra Hacks Women With Big Boobs Need To Know

If you’re like most women, chances are you hate wearing a bra. Bras are annoying to put on, they get uncomfortable when you wear them for more than a few hours, and they constantly need to be readjusted. It’s tempting to just let your lady lumps fly free but, for those of us with big knockers, bras are a necessary evil.

Women with big boobs rely on bras for support and lift, and they also serve the very practical purpose of preventing our giant breasticles from flying up and hitting us in the face while we walk. That said, finding good bras and keeping them in fighting shape can be tougher than finding a Charizard in Pokémon Go. If you rock a size D, E, F, or beyond, here are some easy tips and tricks to get the most out of your treasured boob slings.

1. Put your bra on like you give a fuck

My grandma referred to this as “loading ’em up.” Basically, you should put your bra on just like you wear it, with the cups facing forward and right-side up (no more of that upside down, inside out shit, ladies). But, instead of just sliding it on and clasping, you should first lean forward and “load” your breasts into the cups. Then, stand up and use your hand to scoop each boob towards the center for some cleavage. Here’s a tutorial from LiviRae Lingerie if you’re not sure what that looks like:

2. Get fitted immediately

I know, I know — you’ve been wearing the same size since forever, and you think a fitting is an awkward waste of time. But, studies have shown over and over that 80-85 percent of women wear the wrong size bra. I was recently fitted and found out I should be rocking a 36DDD instead of the flimsy 38D I’d been wearing for the past year. Now, my shirts fit better, my boobs look perkier, and I have way less back pain from supporting my girls. Regular fittings are worth the weirdness.

3. Give your shoulders a break

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Most of us big-tittied girls know we should opt for thicker straps on our bras, but did you know they also make special little pads to keep your straps from digging into your shoulders? They’re basically a curvy girl’s version of a wet dream, and you can buy them on Amazon.

4. Stop annoying slippage

 8 Bra Hacks Women With Big Boobs Need To Know

Sometimes busty boobies cause your bra straps to loosen throughout the day and things can start to get a little sloppy. If you’re sick of yanking your straps back into place every five seconds, this simple DIY sewing hack is your new BFF.

5. Go backless with confidence

bratricks10 8 Bra Hacks Women With Big Boobs Need To Know

Lots of women with big boobs aren’t comfortable going braless in public, which means backless tops and dresses are usually a no-no. But, now Pinterest exists, so our days of being limited to full coverage clothes are finally over. All you need to do to rock the backless look is take an old bra or buy a cheap one, cut the straps off, and sew or pin it into the front of your garment. If that doesn’t seem like it will offer enough support, you can also create your own bra band extender to help your hide your lingerie.

6. Just say no to the dryer

You can wash your bras in a lingerie bag in the washing machine, but you should never ever put them in the dryer. According to Lexie Sachs, a product analyst for Good Housekeeping, dryers can damage a bra’s elasticity and shape. Once that happens, it may never fit the right way again, and when you have big ‘ol titties, you need your bra to keep it’s shape and holding power. Instead of tossing wet bras in a commercial dryer, lay them out flat and be patient.

7. Show strapless bras who’s boss

Strapless bras are a pain in the ass, no matter what size boobs you have, but it’s nearly impossible to keep them in place when you’ve got extra jiggling and bouncing up top. Luckily, there’s a hack for that. Leave one strap attached to your strapless bra and wrap it around the bottom band to hold things in place. Here’s a quickie tutorial video to show you how it’s done:

8. Become an expert in bra repair

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Bras have to work extra hard to support big jugs. That means they wear out more quickly and we end up spending hundreds of dollars every year replacing our lingerie. It’s a total bummer when your underwire goes exploding out of your bra cup, but fear not! You can easily repair it with a cheap moleskin patch. They also sell band extenders you can add to your bra if you feel like you’ve outgrown it. These aren’t permanent solutions, but they’ll buy you a few extra months between replacements.

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