What Your Favorite Baby-Sitters’ Club Character Says About Your Life Now

If you were a bookworm who grew up in the ’80s, chances are you loved Ann M. Martin’s Babysitters’ Club series. I spent many a middle school Saturday night with Kristy Thomas, Claudia Kishi, and the gang. I have no regrets.

Well before Sex & the City, Kristy Thomas and her buds were our first introduction into the whole “who would you be” game. Were you a Kristy (anal, organized, boss-girl) or were you a Stacey (sophisticated, precocious, city-loving)? Chances are you all saw ourselves in one (or some combination) of the girls. But did you know that your favorite sitter actually says a lot about the grown up you eventually became?

Here’s what your favorite member of the Baby-Sitters’ Club as a kid says about your life now.

1. Kristy Thomas


You are leading a company or an organization. You are single and happy with that since your career is much too important to you right now to contemplate a relationship that might jeopardize it. Also, divorce. You have seen too much of it. No way would you risk it. Your only sadness is that you don’t have children. Luckily, all your nieces and nephews make you really happy and you know there is plenty of time for that later. You froze your eggs last year—when you were 28—because why wouldn’t you?

2. Stacey McGill

You worked as an accountant in the city for a couple years, but moved to the burbs as soon as you could. You complain a lot about it, because it’s such a pain in the ass to commute, but you can’t imagine a better place to raise your kids. You don’t see much of your friends since you got married 10 years ago and the ones you are close to you either know through the gym or through your husband. You are the best dressed yoga mom at your gym, though. And you still like to Uber into the city when you can.

3. Claudia Kishi

babysitters club claudia What Your Favorite Baby Sitters Club Character Says About Your Life Now

It goes without saying that you are in the arts. You might work for a gallery or run an Etsy shop for your handmade purses. Or maybe you do both. Your Etsy shop is actually getting more successful, especially since you started adding handmade buttons to all of your purses. After college, you spent a year backpacking through Southeast Asia and developed a love of their fabrics and textiles so you use that in your work as much as possible. You never miss a gallery opening or a chance to see your friends late at night. You live with your boyfriend, but his work in finance keeps him very busy and traveling. You tag along when you can and want to have a kid for sure. But just one. And not anytime soon.

4. Mary Anne Spier

You surprised everyone by moving to the city after college graduation and starting your own business. You sold it in 2014 for an undisclosed sum and are now semi-retired at 29. Good on you. You are dating a couple guys, but no one super-important right now. You always related to Mary Anne, because you also had a boyfriend throughout high school and, quite frankly, you wanted to play the field a little before settling down. Besides, you don’t want a guy who wants you for your money. You like to surprise people even though you are the “quiet one.” You never know what you might do next.

5. Dawn Schafer


You are a yoga teacher or massage therapist or wellness guru/life coach. You and your boyfriend have a toddler, but you haven’t let that stop you from traveling and sharing your ~brand~ with the world. He is a yoga instructor, too, who famously put his feet behind his head in an Instagram post that went viral, because hey, your man is hot. And he can put his feet behind his head. Score! You live in Nicaragua in the winter and spend your summers in Ojai, California in a cabin that has been in your boyfriend’s family for three generations. You are a vegan and are cold. Almost all the time. No matter how hot it is. Namaste.

8. Mallory Pike


You were such a badass babysitter that you actually decided to do a bit of nannying for side cash when you were in college, and you’re toying with the idea of starting an artsy day care. You love writing and have tons of ideas for kids’ books that you plan to publish soon, but your life is a little bit crazy these days, because you’re a millennial mom with (at least) two of your own kids with your college sweetheart. You settled down in your hometown, where your kids can be friends with your best friend’s kids. You wouldn’t have it any other way.

7. Logan Bruno

Whoa. You are outside the box. No one has any idea what you are doing. You might be living in South Carolina and a mom of 7. Or you might be living in Montana, assisting on a cattle ranch. Those are the only two choices, though. Whatever you are doing, you are doing it well and unlike anyone else. You are an original. Never change.

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