12 Things Not To Say To Your Scorpio Partner

If you’re dating or in a relationship with a Scorpio, your bae was born somewhere between October 23 and November 21. A water sign ruled by transformative Pluto and go-getter Mars, Scorpios are magnetic and incredibly intense. They seek true power and deep emotional fulfillment. But if you say one of these 12 things, you may be in for bone-chilling silent treatment.

1. “Eh, not tonight”—for way too many nights in a row

Scorpio is associated with the eighth house in astrology, which is associated with sexuality, so they are just sexual people who want to express how they feel in a physical way. And if they hit a wall with this, they’re apt to get frustrated AF.

2. “OMG, you’re so manipulative.”

Yes, they excel at mind games! But don’t call them out on it, because that’s like screaming, “Cake has so many carbs!” Just step up your mind fuck game, so you’re on their level.

3. “Oh, come on, you can’t possibly still be pissed about (insert upsetting conflict that happened years ago)?”

Yes, yes they definitely are. As the water sign described as “fixed”—which means the least likely to adapt to change—Scorpios can hold grudges for-freakin’-ever.

4. “It’s really no big deal that you have to miss your family reunion/grandma’s birthday/dad’s annual BBQ!”

Fixed signs are also big on upholding traditions, and Scorpios respect family—especially elders—big time. So, yes, if they feel they’ve failed to do exactly that, they’re going to feel pretty crappy.

5. “You really don’t have to take (insert work project they’re obsessing over) so seriously, though, do you?”

Oh, but they do. They’re intense, remember? They put their whole mind and soul, the entire scope of their energy into projects and may even keep working at it, massaging it, digging for details, and doing everything they can to ensure the final result meets the extremely high standards they set for themselves. (Remember The Devil Wears Prada? The devil is a Scorpio.)

6. “Just tell me already”—when they’re being extremely secretive

Something you just have to learn to love about Scorpios is that they are incredibly private. Their worst nightmare is all of their personal details—anything to do with their intense sex life or their family or the behind-the-scenes of their professional success—being known. They’re cool with their very intimate inner circle knowing a few of these things, but even their lover may have to be OK with remaining in the dark on some details.

7. “I saw an old classmate on Snapchat, and they look so hot now!” (or anything else that would lead them to believe you’re attracted to someone else)

They’re possessive and prone to jealousy. But they make up for this by being super-loyal and once you’ve DTR-ed, you’ll know for a fact that they are yours, so there’s really no need to push this button with them unless you want one seriously suspicious and agitated bae on your hands.

8. “I mean, well, I was thinking maybe we could go for pizza? Or Chinese? Wait, no, Thai? But I’m tired, and I’d kinda rather stay in. Eh, I don’t know…”

Make up your mind before you propose anything. Wishy-washiness does not jibe with Scorpio’s fixed, detail-oriented nature and will just drive them insane.

9. “OK” or “nuh-uh” or “meh” or basically any other monosyllabic response

Your Scorpio is pointed and highly thoughtful about the words they choose to express themselves. And they expect you to be, as well.

10. “Jeeze, sorry, I didn’t expect you’d be so sensitive.”

They have that tough act that makes you think they can handle anything, but they’re delicate souls. Know this. Respect this.

11. “OK, yeah, I told Liz about that new sex toy we were thinking of getting. What’s the big deal?”

Saying something like this weaves all of their pet peeves together into one big fat NO. Anything they might categorize as an “intimate detail” about their life is not to be shared with anyone. Ever.

12. “Can we please just talk things over? Please?”

If you’ve said anything like the last 11 things, you’ve probably driven your Scorp into the kind of blinding rage that they only know how to deal with by going completely silent on you. Pushing them to discuss only pisses them off more, so as tough as it may be, you’ve gotta just wait it out.

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