This Guy Freaked When He Realized His Tinder Match’s Pic Was From His Own Bathroom

Tinder is a snake pit of confusion and horniness. But, on rare occasions, it can also be the breeding ground for amazing and bizarre coincidences.

19-year-old West Virginia University student, Mark Kowalczyk, was swiping around around on Tinder (that’s the proper verb, right?) when he noticed something weird about one prospective date: setting for her profile pic mirror selfie look remarkably similar to his own bathroom.

Upon closer inspection, he realized that it was indeed his bathroom …

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… right down to the sparse decoration and the pile of dirty laundry in the corner.

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The girl’s name was Jenna, and she apparently also attended West Virginia University. But that still didn’t explain why she had been in Mark’s bathroom. Was she a former resident of Mark’s apartment complex? Had she been in his apartment without his knowledge? Or was it merely a different bathroom with a similar layout?

It soon became clear, through the power of Twitter, that the girl in question was named Jenna Zagrodniczek — and it turned out that she had actually attended a party at Mark’s house, without knowing who lived there.

Jenna supplied a photo of herself on his balcony as proof:

Naturally, this answered the baffling bathroom question, but soon the Twitterverse was clamoring with demands that these two bathroom-crossed lovers should meet. Because the internet is a collective sucker for any kind of kismet love story.

Jenna revealed that, since Mark’s tweet has gone viral, the attention she gets on Tinder is significantly different — namely, everybody recognizes her from Mark’s tweet.

But it’s all well and good, because Jenna may not be needing Tinder for a little while: she and Mark actually set up a date together.

They even took a dual mirror selfie in the very same bathroom, to appease all of their online cheerleaders.

(It’s almost Halloween, which is the only explanation I have for why Mark is dressed up as … Che Guevara, I guess?)

So, there you have it. Despite the massive amount of sh*t, occasionally something magical can happen on Tinder.

And we should probably all take mirror selfies at the next house party we attend, just to be on the safe side.

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