10 Cozy Onesies You’ll Want To Wear All Fall And Winter Long

As the cold AF fall weather settles in, it becomes less and less likely you’ll ever leave the comfort of covers for the outside world. While you catch up on binge-watching or spend your weekend with a bottle of wine, you can look absolutely adorable and feel cozy as hell in colorful and cute onesies. Parade around your house in style, with pajamas that will keep you warm from head-to-toe, snuggling you in a sweet embrace until spring arrives.

1. Leopard Print Onesie

 10 Cozy Onesies Youll Want To Wear All Fall And Winter Long

Whether you’re feeling feisty enough for leopard print or sweet enough for macaroons, the numerous patterns available in this onesie will have your inner fashionista screaming with delight. When you’re feeling especially chilly, put up your hood and hide from the world under your favorite blanket.

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2. “Sailor Moon” Purple Cat Luna Onesie


Sailor Moon’s purr-fect cat sidekick, Luna is the inspiration behind this purple plush onesie. With the addition of a tail and hooded cat ears, this onesie is made for binge-watching your favorite animated television series.

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3. Candy Cane Striped Onesie

 10 Cozy Onesies Youll Want To Wear All Fall And Winter Long

It doesn’t need to be the Christmas season to enjoy the fun and whimsy of a Candy Cane striped onesie. Grab one before the holidays arrive and be a stylish Christmas elf from autumn until Christmas morning.

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4. Pikachu Onesie


Despite what your significant other may think, the cutest Pokemon they can catch will be you when you sport this onesie. With its lighting bolt tail and Pikachu faced hood, you’ll be prepared to catch ‘em all from the comfort of your living room.

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5. Rainbow Stripe Footed Onesie

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It’s easy to pretend that summer is never faraway in the sunny hues of this onesie. Its playful rainbow colors will inspire you to finally crack open that adult coloring book or enjoy a dance party in your bedroom.

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6. “Hello Kitty” Onesie


Everyone’s favorite feline, Hello Kitty will keep you cozy and cute in a onesie adorned with their irresistible face. Available in two color options, the onesie comes with a hood and drawstrings for when you need to escape the world and spend the day with your cats.

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7. Wonder Woman Onesie

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Become a “Wonder Woman” in a onesie inspired by every gal’s favorite superhero. The hood has a built-in tiara making your dreams of being a queen like Beyoncé a little closer to coming true.

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8. Polka Dot Onesie

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Fall and all its chilly weather glory may make you feel a little blue, but it’s hard not to smile in a onesie as sunny and playful as this. Cover yourself in colorful dots from head to toe, and get settled in for a day of Pinterest-inspired crafts.

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9. Captain America Onesie

 10 Cozy Onesies Youll Want To Wear All Fall And Winter Long

Don’t shy away from your inner geek and instead show off your inner comic book prowess with a “Captain America” onesie. Fight away the bad guys or just the blues that accompany chilly weather and never-ending fall rain.

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10. Grey, short-sleeved onesie


Enjoy the cozy warmth of a onesie with short-sleeve fashionable flair. For those who live in warmer climates or the ladies who can’t stand to be hot, this onesie is perfect for warmer nights.

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