McDonald’s Just Released A Nutella Burger Because 2016 Makes No Sense

Sometimes, when you really need it, the universe sends you a gift — and, if you’re lucky, that gift comes in the form of delicious carbs.

Case in point: Today, McDonald’s announced that they will be releasing a new kind of burger at their Italian chains, called the “Sweety con Nutella.” And, before you start having heart palpitations, never fear: there’s no actual meat involved.

It’s literally just an inordinately large amount of Nutella sandwiched between two buns.

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE WRONG WITH THIS?? (Aside from every single thing?)

While there’s nothing terribly objectionable about the burger, I’m honestly not sure why you would pay actual money for this fast food menu item — like, do you not have bread and Nutella in your pantry at this exact moment? Are you so lazy that you refuse to spread some damn chocolate-hazelnut spread on two slices of bread?

It’s fine, I’m not trying to judge anybody … I’m just concerned about your spending habits.

Either way, it’s sort of a moot point at the moment, since the burger is currently only available in Italy (though McDonald’s has not ruled out the possibility that the “Sweety con Nutella” could make its way overseas).

While there have been some optimistically-curious reactions to the unusual culinary creation, many Twitter users are declaring the burger an abomination:

Guess we won’t know the verdict for sure until someone ventures to Italy to try this strange dessert burger.

Perhaps this is Italy’s way of welcoming fleeing Americans into their country following the election results?

Or, maybe it’s just their way of telling us all to “stay the f*ck out.”

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